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Do you know which major network your phone is compatible with?

Buy a SIM Card to activate your phone on our network! Keep in mind: tower color matches carrier compatibility. The SIM Card will only work if your phone is compatible.

Buying a SIM Card

All GSM (GSM-A) & (GSM-T), 4G CDMA, and most 4G PCS devices require SIM Cards. Activate your phone online with a prepaid SIM Card. We help you from buying a SIM Card to activating your SIM Card. You can have a fully active prepaid SIM Cards shipped to your house!

Buying a SIM Card in the US

We offer shipping to anywhere in the US for our SIM Cards. Looking at buying a SIM Card with the best coverage in your area? We have four networks of SIM Cards to choose from, so every customer can get the best coverage where they live. The SIM Cards are easy to install and program. In addition, we can assist you through every step.

Where to Buy SIM Cards

Buying a SIM Card is now incredibly easy. If you’re wondering where to buy SIM Cards, we have the answer. Buy SIM Cards online or in any Best Cellular retail store. When you purchase SIM Cards from our online store, we can even activate the SIM Card with a prepaid plan before we ship to you.

Can You Buy a SIM Card Without a Phone?

Yes. Many customers like to save money by using their own phones and ordering a SIM Card online. Similarly, If you have a phone you would like to activate, you can order an active SIM Card that can be installed in your phone. We often hear the question, “Can you buy a SIM Card without a phone?” Of course, we always answer with a strong “Yes!” You can order a SIM Card online and have it shipped to your house. Then all you have to do is install the SIM Card in your phone, and your phone is active! You can keep your number, or get a new one. Finally, a one-stop-shop for your SIM Card and activation needs.

Prepaid SIM Cards

Purchase a prepaid SIM Card. Get 4G data and phone access with Best Cellular, all without a contract. You can activate online using your own phone and our SIM Cards. We offer a very easy to use activation portal to help you through the process. Anyone can do it! We strive to provide the easiest way to activate your phone. Likewise, we make sure you have the resources you need, when you need them.

Buy CDMA SIM Cards

CDMA SIM Cards are for the Red network. They are tri-cut, meaning you can pop out the SIM Card from its tray to get the size you need for your phone. Due to their try-cut design, these CDMA SIM Cards are easy to install and fit almost any CDMA compatible device!

Buy GSM SIM Cards

GSM SIM Cards are for the GST-T (Pink) and the GSM-A (Blue) networks. Note, All GSM devices require a SIM Card. These are larger, and you can cut them (with the proper tool) to fit your phone. Also, with GSM networks, all you have to do is put the SIM Card in your phone and change the APN (Access Point Name) settings, and you have a fully active phone!

Buy PCS SIM Cards

PCS SIM Cards are for the Yellow network. These SIM Cards are device-specific meaning they do not have multiple sizes and you cannot cut them to fit your device. But don’t worry, Best Cellular has the PCS SIM Card you need for your phone.

Buy SIM Cards online to bring your own phone and activate on the Best Cellular nationwide network! Simply click the grey button to buy a SIM card online or contact our customer support team if you need help selecting the proper SIM to activate your phone!

Buy SIM Cards Online

Best Cellular lets you activate any compatible phone on our nationwide network. Buy a SIM Card online and we can help you activate your phone! Buy SIM Cards to connect your phone to connect to the carrier of your choice. We ship our cards directly to you. If you’re not sure which network your device is compatible with, contact a Best Cellular Customer Service Representative, and they will be happy to assist you. Our customer service is fully based in America, so you get the highest quality assistance available. We are available 24/7, so can always count on having assistance. We strive to provide the best customer service in addition to the best wireless service.

Do You Need ID to Buy a SIM Card?

Buy SIM Card without ID online and we can help you activate a SIM Card with no contract. No ID required to buy a SIM Card from Best Cellular, online or in our retail stores.

Click here to activate your own phone online.


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