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We have all seen someone standing outside a storefront, spinning a sign. What if your business could send push notifications to every Android device within the length of more than a football field? Bluetooth advertising beacons are like a virtual sign spinner that catches the attention of everyone who comes within range of your Bluetooth Beacon.

Royaltie Gems – Bluetooth Beacon Advertising

  • Automatically promote your business on every nearby Android device.
  • Get unlimited messaging, included in low monthly fee.
  • These Bluetooth Beacons are weatherproof & waterproof so you can use them outdoors.
  • Each Bluetooth Advertising Beacon comes equipped with a two-year battery.

Royaltie Gems can be used to promote almost any product or service. These can be a great way to promote cellphone screen repair businesses, coffee shops, restaurants, hair salons and even service oriented businesses like personal trainers and plumbers.

There are lots of Bluetooth Advertising Beacons available online but the thing we absolutely love about Royaltie Gems is the user friendly back office that allows you to manage and update not only the messages sent to potential customers but you can also edit the URL/ webpage you send at any time.