Connections by Boss Cellular w/ Unlimited Talk & Unlimited Text

Connections by Best Cellular

Activate your own Sprint, Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile or other PCS device on the Connections plan for free or you can purchase a new or used Sprint phone to activate in one of our Nationwide retail stores!  This is a great no-contract prepaid wireless plan that offers Unlimited TalkUnlimited Text for people who need to stay connected!

Connections by Best Cellular offers users: Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text, Only $25 per month!

  • FREE Activation
  • No Contract
  • No Credit Check
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Bring your own phone or buy a new or used phone in a Best Cellular store

Who uses Connections by Best Cellular?

The Best Cellular Connections plan was created for customers who need unlimited talk & text at a low price, without paying for mobile data and other features that they may not need.  “Connections” is a great phone plan for:

  • Seniors who need to be able to talk and text, but not worry about getting charged for accidental data usage love the “Connections by Best Cellular” plan because we can activate almost any PCS phone on this plan!  Flip phones, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile phones, older slider phones, etc.  If you don’t like to text, we can turn off text messaging as well!
  • Young children with parents who want to protect them from sending picture messages or getting into trouble on the internet with their phones.
  • Fixed income families who need unlimited talk & text with no-contract.  Connections by Best Cellular is a great way to keep in touch if you’re on a budget!  There is no contract so cancel at any time!  When your financial situation improves, you can always upgrade (or downgrade) your plan to include data (or even limited minutes if you need to save even more money).
  • Victims of Domestic Violence can use the Connections by Best Cellular phone plan to keep in contact with victims advocates, family and loved ones.  Connections by Best Cellular allows victims to have their own no-contract phone number that can’t be used by an abusive ex-spouse to track them down.
  • Companies who need Unlimited Talk & Text plans for employees but don’t want them using mobile data or sending picture messages on their company phone.  This plan is great for businesses who don’t want to sign a 2-year contract to get new or temporary employees a mobile phone plan.  If the company has old mobile phones laying around, they can often be activated on Best Cellular plans free of charge!
  • Ex-Convicts on Work Release Programs can use the Connections by Best Cellular phone plan as they are rehabilitated back into society.  The “Connections” prepaid phone plan is a great way to help ex-convicts to keep in contact with potential employers as they apply for jobs.  This prepaid plan for ex-convicts allows them to regain contact with friends and relatives that they may have lost touch with while incarcerated.  Because “Connections by Best Cellular” is NO-Contract and requires NO-Credit check, it doesn’t force them to break the rules of probation by signing any type of legal agreement.
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