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As you may already know, Bloomington is constantly expanding! Nestled in the beautiful landscape of Illinois, this city brings in new people all the time. In fact, in 2013 the city ranked number 11 on a list of the fastest-growing American cities. Many mathematics, engineering, technology, and science professionals live and work in the Bloomington-Normal region of Illinois. The area attracts many other newcomers for different reasons. They usually migrate to enjoy the very practical cost of living and a strong industrial presence. Best Cellular – 2nd II None Barber and Beauty Salon aims to be a big part of that draw. Their goal is to be the number one choice for customers in search of better phone service. Our store has the wireless service, cell phones, and accessories you need. Whether that’s a new phone plan or a new phone, stop by today and experience the difference!

2nd II None Barber and Beauty Salon now offers cellular service and devices!

Even after his long-running success, Marcus Barbee wanted to add more value to his customers and community. In true entrepreneurial fashion, he has taken a unique business path. The store will now provide cell phone services alongside the salon and barber business! The advantage of this model is that it’s an expansion of an already established shop. This will provide an easy way for revisiting salon customers to pay their phone bill or get a new device. They can also enjoy the extended opportunities through the Best Cellular phone service. The businesses will go hand-in-hand: customers can get their hair cut and pay their cell phone bill in one visit! Have you ever experienced a spa treatment while your phone is being activated? Probably not, but at Best Cellular – 2nd II None Barber and Beauty Salon that is completely possible.

Phones and Cellular Service at Best Cellular – 2nd II NONE Barber & Beauty Salon

Marcus Barbee has confirmed that alongside the Best Cellular service, he will be buying and selling used devices as well. This means that local customers can stop by the store to check out an ESN and sell or trade their used device.  The store will carry Best Cellular phone service, but be sure to ask about the latest deals in phones and devices as well! There’s always something new coming down the pike. With that in mind, Marcus Barbee plans to keep an eye on current trends in both hairstyles and technology. Sometimes it seems like these two industries change as fast as the wind does. But as the owner of this local business, Marcus really cares about his customers. He has made it his goal to provide the best in both services to his community. Here’s what he had to say about his business and the way he values his patrons:

2nd II NONE – Hair, Skin, & Nails Styling Salon is located in Bloomington/Normal, Illinois. For more than 15 years we have provided unmatched services that allow the entire family to have their hair, nails, and skin care needs to be satisfied in one convenient location. We serve men, women, and children and accept appointments as well as walk-ins. We also offer for retail hair, skin, and nail care products. 2nd II NONE is able to serve the entire family in one quick, convenient visit. While there are many “quick salons” and “cellular plans” like 2nd II NONE – Hair, Skin, & Nails Styling Salon in the community, we excel due to our attention to detail regarding customer service and family atmosphere. Through unmatched customer service and attention to detail, 2nd II NONE – Hair, Skin, & Nails Styling Salon is the first choice for hair, skin, nails, and cellular services all under one roof for the entire family, creating long-term relationships. Our customers love the quality products and services they receive from us. That extra touch of attention to detail and a sense of personal belonging that is lacking in most of today’s retail relationships sets us apart from all others.

About 2nd II None Barber and Beauty Salon:

Customers can expect the same reliable customer care we give our salon customers in our cell phone department as well. We set ourselves apart by supplying not only the best cell phone plans but the utmost in customer service. Every customer is like a member of our family, and we value those relationships day in and day out. They will always receive the care and respect they deserve. We have been here for 15 years, and we look forward to many more years to come. Customers can expect quality local service from Best Cellular – 2nd II NONE. We keep our promises and listen to our customers. Our staff commits to helping you find the right phone and monthly plan, and they will go the extra mile to ensure you know what you’re buying – and getting into.

Located near the beautiful Highland Park Golf Course, 2nd II NONE Barber & Beauty Salon has been a dependable salon and barber in Bloomington, Illinois for over 15 years. As part of the community, the shop attracts both visitors and locals. The surrounding neighborhood boasts several other parks as well and is constantly growing. If you head up South Morris Avenue, you’ll see the Miller Park Zoo is only a few blocks away. The local fire department has a station just past Goose Creek Drive. Both the Fast Stop around the corner and the Milestones Early Learning Center nearby stay busy, with high ratings from their regular customers.

You may also notice that historic Route 66 passes by just south of the store. This highway, also called the Main Street of America or the Will Rogers Highway, goes through 7 states before reaching Illinois. It then runs its course up the state and ends in Chicago. Even though the official road was removed from the United States highway system in 1985, folks can still follow the original route. In fact, it’s a very popular tradition for tourists to ride the route and stop by the historic sights along the way. Visitors to Bloomington traveling this historic highway can easily stop by the shop for either a cell phone or a haircut!

Best Cellular – 2nd II None Barber and Beauty Salon offers some of the most competitive prices for cell phones and smartphone plans. We also carry unlocked phones that customers can use on any network. There are many questions when trying to pick the best cheap cell phone plans, but that’s why we take the time to personally help each customer. Our success relies on the satisfaction of our customers, and that’s why we will always be here to help. The cell phone industry is always changing, but you can keep up and we can keep you updated! Be sure to check out the Facebook page for Best Cellular – 2nd II NONE to keep up with the latest developments and services from Marcus Barbee and his store:

Best Cell Phone Service in Bloomington, Illinois

Customers looking for the best cellular service in Bloomington, Illinois need not look anymore. We offer service on all the major towers in the United States. Whether you have a Verizon phone or a Sprint device, we can get you the best coverage in the area! No matter where you live, work, or travel, Best Cellular – 2nd II None Barber and Beauty Salon will help. We’ll find the best coverage to fit your needs. The Best Cellular network offers nationwide coverage on multiple networks, which means you only get the strongest signal available for your phone.

Best Cellular has coverage on all the major carriers in the United States. The service we offer outperforms any other prepaid cell phone company! Best Cellular was built on the belief that business should stay in America. That’s why we support our dealers and customers, providing the best cell phone coverage in America. At the same time, we keep our employees and customer service representatives here in the USA. We offer free 24/7 customer service to all Best Cellular customers. For Bloomington, IL the best coverage available would be either Best Cellular CDMA or Best Cellular PCS service. In town, you could get on a Best Cellular GSM-T plan as well, but keep in mind that coverage through those towers drops off. Are you traveling anywhere other than Peoria or Champaign? Best Cellular CDMA or PCS service will ensure fewer dropped calls or missed text messages.

Best Cellular Plans

We offer plans for the whole family, so everyone can find the best plan for them. Each line has their own plan – this gives each user the freedom to choose the plan that best fits their needs. Every Best Cellular plan is month-to-month, prepaid, and no-contract, so our customers are never locked in! We believe customers should have the right to choose their own plan, and that is reflected in our pricing structure. We have plans for basic phones as well as smartphone plans with mobile data. All of our smartphone plans include unlimited talk and text, with tiered data so you only pay for what you need (although we recommend having a little extra data, just in case). Basic phone plans start at just $15 a month, and smartphone plans with unlimited talk and text begin at $40.


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