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Shattered Image Cell Phone & Tablet Repair opened in Grand Junction in May of 2015. They specialized in cellphone repairs as well as shattered screen replacement for most makes and models of cell phones and tablets.  Shattered Image also made repairs to faulty speakers, broken mic., cracked camera lenses and just about anything that can go wrong with your cell phone or tablet.  Their expertise in the cracked or broken cell phone industry includes all iPhones, Androids, tablets, some laptops screens, iPads, all generations, and much more.

The cellphone accessories in the Shattered Image Grand Junction store were priced at just about half of what some of their competitors were charging. The owners: Sheila & O’Neal Blackwell said, “We believe in building lasting relationships with our customers, not getting rich at their expense.  Special orders can be placed for phone cases, chargers or any accessories you have your eye on.” Shattered Image can also help you customize your phone with different colors, mixed colors, mirrored tempered glass, etc.  If you can imagine it, we will make it happen!  As a repair shop of broken and cracked screens in the Grand Junction area they said, “we pride ourselves in ordering the highest quality replacement parts available in the industry.”

Tempered glass screen protectors are also a recommendation for your newly repaired cell phone screen.  They are designed to break before the glass (digitizer & LCD screen) on your phone breaks. They have customers that have become friends, then employees or tenants and business partners; so beware you could be the next good friend we create when you walk into their Montrose, CO Shattered Image phone repair shop.

Shattered Image signed up as a Best Cellular bill payment center but never started actually doing business on activating or replenishing plans before closing their Grand Junction, CO screen repair business. The plan was to let customers activate a cellphone, pay their Best Cellular bill here and pick up an accessory or get your phone fixed while you’re at it but the Shattered Image in Grand Junction, CO is now closed. They do still have a location in Montrose, CO but they didn’t get set up to activate phones yet. Keep an eye out and if they get ready to sell and activate phones, we’ll be promoting this screen repaid business again! (They are really nice people).