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Buy Phones Online

Buy the phone you want in our online store. We offer next day shipping and free 24-hour support! Nationwide prepaid wireless coverage and shipping to most locations.

Buy SIM Cards

All GSM phones and most 4G phones requires a SIM Card to activate. Buy a SIM Card online to activate your phone. We can help you select the SIM Card you need!

Activate Your Own Phone

Activate your own phone online or with any Best Cellular dealer Nationwide. Visit one of our stores to activate your phone today or we can help you activate your phone online!

Prepaid Phone Plans

Prepaid wireless plans with the best cellular coverage Nationwide. Buy prepaid cell phone plans on all (4) major US networks with the best no contract cell phone plans.

What Is The Best Prepaid Wireless Service?

We offer the best cellular plans on all major carriers in America. Bring your own phone and we activate it for free. If you need a new phone, we can get you almost any phone you want with the Best Cellular coverage in America!

Best Wireless Coverage

We provide the best cell service with coverage on every tower from every major carrier in the USA! If you move to a place where your old carrier doesn’t have great service, we can complete an in-house port to the wireless carrier who offers the best coverage in your area! We give you access to the very best wireless service, in every state across the Country.

Best Family Plan

Prepaid phone plans are a great way for families to set up service on kids phones without being locked into a contract. Many families are able to save a lot of money on our cheapest family plans while teaching their kids to connect to WiFi instead of using mobile data whenever possible. With our prepaid phone plans, many families activate their own phones to spare the expense of buying new phones online.

Business Phone Plans

Prepaid business phone service allows business owners to scale their business without expensive contracts. Add or remove lines of service at any time. If needed, you can restrict text, data or other features from an employee phone number. Cross-carrier business phone lines let you connect multiple phone lines on different Nationwide carriers for the best coverage!

Porting Phone Numbers

You don’t need to know how to transfer your phone number to a new phone because our friendly staff can help in porting your phone number. Transfer your phone number from a different carrier or get a new mobile number. We can help you transfer your phone number to new phone with Best Cellular. Keep your number or get a new one, your choice!

International Long Distance

We offer pinless International calling as an add-on to any plan. Simply add a cash card that never expires. You can even share your International long distance calling credits with other landline or cellphones. If you need to learn how to make international calls, we teach you how to call international from US after you buy a calling card and add it to your account!

Customer Service

We hire only very friendly and communicative staff. The Best Cellular team is vetted in offering a great customer value. We are confident that you will be more than impressed with the great experience. Your satisfaction is the key to our success! Our 24-hour customer service is handled locally in America. We’re proud to create American jobs while offering incredible service!

Best Cellular Company

“Best Cellular supplies phones, accessories and prepaid wireless service to customers looking for the best service and competitive prices. Best Cellular distinguishes itself from competitors by constantly adapting to offer great products and coverage while offering impeccable customer service.” We have prepaid phone plans for every budget and we are always open to input on creating new plans to fit your needs!

Best Cellular Service

Take advantage of the best wireless coverage in the country. Since we use every tower from every major carrier, we will always help you get great value for your money, while finding the best wireless plans to suit your needs! All you have to do is to let us know how we can help you and we will immediately give you access to the best prepaid wireless service, best cellular plans and many other great perks!

We offer prepaid wireless plans for families, individuals as well as major companies. If you need help selecting the right plan or service, give us a call and we can help you decide on the right prepaid wireless plan for your family or business!