Phones Grouped By Carrier

Buy cell phones that are compatible with carriers in your area! Buy phones online for all four major carriers! Once you buy a phone you like, activate your phone online with Best Cellular. If you know what network you want to activate a phone on, you can sort phones by Carrier Compatibility to buy exactly what you want. Be sure to review which carrier you want to activate the phone on before making a purchase!  Phones listed here will be sorted by which carrier(s) they are compatible with.  If you have questions, one of our specialists will be happy to help you select a phone as well as make sure it’s compatible with the network you want to use it on!

Buy Cell Phones for any of the Major Cellular Networks

Some wireless networks use the “GSM” (Global System for Mobile Communications) standard, while others use the “CDMA” (Code-Division Multiple Access) standards.  In the USA, “GSM”, “CDMA” & “PCS” are all popular network types. Verizon, Sprint, and other carriers that use their networks use “CDMA”.  AT&T, T-Mobile, & Mobile Network Operators who use their networks are using GSM technology.  These are competing standards and are not interoperable.  PCS (personal communications service) is a mobile phone service that runs on CDMA (also called IS-95) but most PCS devices cannot be used on CDMA wireless networks.  Sprint and their MVNO’s use “PCS” network standards.