(CDMA) "Red" Network

The CDMA Network is also known as the “Red Network”.  C.D.M.A. is an acronym used mainly by Verizon which stands for, “Code Division Multiple Access”.  In the United States, “Red Network” services are provided in the “850 MHz band” & “1900 MHz band”.

CDMA Phones

The red network uses Verizon 4G LTE Bands: 13,2,4.  Network Frequencies: 1900, 850, 700, 2100 MHz.  Activate your phone on Best Cellular (CDMA).  Gain access to Every tower on the big red network!  Purchase a phone for use on these service below!  We offer great prices and lots of cool phones!

Make your purchase and a Best Cellular representative will contact you to help get your phone activated!  If you want to get a new number, we can do it quick and easy.  The phone can be active before we even mail it to you!  If you would rather port your number over to Best Cellular (CDMA) from a different phone company, we can help with that as well!

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