Best Cellular CDMA Landline Connect

$99.99 $49.99


With the Landline Connect (CDMA) Huawei Home Phone Connect Box, you can activate a new home phone number with Best Cellular CDMA or we can transfer your number from another carrier if you prefer!

Activate this phone system on the Nationwide “Yellow” Network! The Landline Connect (CDMA) home phone box is portable. Up to 3 hours of talk time and 2 days of standby on battery alone! With an emergency battery pack, your phone will keep working, even during a power outage!

With two outputs, you can connect two landline phones at once!

Package Contains:

  • Home Phone Connect
  • Standard Battery
  • AC Adapter
  • Antenna
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • User Manual
  • Product Safety & Warranty Brochure
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Best Cellular CDMA Landline Connect

$99.99 $49.99

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