LG G4 – Tempered Glass by Nimbus9


  • 95% Light Penetration
  • 0.22mm Ultra Slim Thickness
  • Explosion Proof
  • Anti-Oil Anti-Fingerprint

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Protect Your Investment with Tempered Glass!

Buy a tempered glass screen protector for your LG G4! Premium Hardness (9H), 95% Light Penetration, 0.22mm Ultra Slim Thickness, completely Explosion Proof, with Anti-Oil Anti-Fingerprint technology.

As smartphones become more and more expensive, the importance of protecting these phone only grows higher. The best insurance you can get for your phone is a heavy duty case and liquid glass. Purchase a tempered glass screen protector for your LG G4 today to protect your screen.

Nimbus9 LG G4 – Tempered Glass

GTIN: 813612024544


Weight 0.20 lbs
Dimensions 7.38 x 4.12 x 3.75 in