CellHelmet Liquid Glass+ for Tablets (w/ $100 Warranty)

Liquid Glass+ for Tablets gives your screen protection and you a $100 warranty for screen repair. Get yours now from Best Cellular with FREE Shipping!


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Liquid Glass+ for Tablets is an invisible nano-liquid. After it is rubbed onto your tablet screen, it drys and cures to strengthen the glass on a molecular level.  Liquid Glass+ also includes a $100 warranty for screen repair, a guarantee should it fail to protect your glass.

  • Strengthens glass on a molecular level
  • $100 screen repair guarantee
  • 1.5mL vial of Liquid Glass (works on all tablets)
  • Universal application for all phone and smartwatch models
  • Simple application with no bubbles
  • Works with all cases
  • Made in America

Why do you need Liquid Glass+ for your tablet?

Phones aren’t getting any cheaper to repair. However, cellhelmet Liquid Glass makes your device stronger on the molecular level. Also, Liquid Glass+ for Tablets comes with a screen repair guarantee.

How does Liquid Glass+ give my tablet screen protection?

Put any glass under a microscope – you’ll see that it’s actually not smooth, but a porous material. The key ingredient of Liquid Glass+ is Silicon Dioxide. This fills in the pores and imperfections on the device glass. Then, it cures to form a stronger surface on your tablet screen.

Simply drip the contents of the vial onto your screen, wipe it on and buff it off. The device can be used immediately after application, while the product will completely cure over the next 24 hours.

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Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 5.75 × 3.75 × .5 in

1.5 mL

CellHelmet Liquid Glass+ for Tablets (w/ $100 Warranty)




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