CellHelmet Liquid Glass

Buy cellhelmet Liquid Glass to protect your screen! The easy-to-apply screen protectant is compatible with all touchscreens, including screens on Smartphones, Tablets, and even Smartwatches. Rated up to a 9H hardness level, cellhelmet Liquid Glass is guaranteed to help protect your phone from bumps, drops, and scratches.


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Liquid Glass from cellhelmet is an invisible nano-liquid. It is applied directly to your phone screen, drying and curing to strengthen it on a molecular level. The screen protectant is completely invisible and permanent. Never worry about peeling, cracking, or bubbles. Cellhelmet’s screen protection has been tested to make your phone screen up to 6x stronger than the bare screen alone!


  • Strengthens glass on a molecular level.
  • Tested by third-parties to receive a 9H hardness rating – The same rating given to most Tempered Glass screen protectors.
  • Universal application for all phone, tablet, and smartwatch models.
  • Simple application with no bubbles.
  • Completely invisible.
  • Works with all cases.
  • Made in America.
  • Contains a 0.6mL vial of Liquid Glass.

What is Liquid Glass?

Liquid Glass is an invisible screen-strengthening treatment that can protect smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and more! The nano-liquid fills the pores of your device’s screen, making it up to 6x stronger! The mixture consists of Silicon Dioxide that fills the pores and imperfections in your screen. The Silicon Dioxide pairs with a bonding agent to keep the screen protector intact.

How To Install Liquid Glass

Liquid Glass Screen Protector is easy to install and almost impossible to mess up. As cellhelmet says, “Simply wipe it on and buff it off.” No more difficult plastic screen protectors, bubbles, or crooked installs! Follow our installation instructions below to learn how to install it on your device.

  1. Open the cellhelmet package to find the provided wipes and vial.
  2. Wipe your screen completely clean with the wet wipe. Make sure to clear the screen of any dirt, dust, and/or fingerprints.
  3. After you have cleaned the screen, pour the liquid from its vial on the center of your screen. Use the wipe to spread the application edge-to-edge on your phone to ensure maximum coverage. Note: Do NOT pour the application into your phone’s speaker, headphone jack, or any other orifice on your phone.
  4. Allow Liquid Glass to cure for 5 minutes.
  5. After 5 minutes is up, buff the screen clear. Please note, the screen may have a slight haze. This is normal and will pass as the application fully cures (typically after 24 hours).
  6. At this point, you are clear to use your phone as you normally would!

cellhelmet Warranty

The regular Liquid Glass ($29.99) does not include a warranty, but as an upgrade, you can purchase Liquid Glass+ (cellhelmet will cover $100 of your screen repair) or Liquid Glass Pro+ (cellhelmet will cover $300 of your screen repair). Please note, Best Cellular does not provide the warranty or warranty claims, cellhelmet does. You must register your screen protector with cellhelmet via the registration card included in your package. If your screen is damaged, cellhelmet will assist you with your warranty claim.

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0.6 mL

CellHelmet Liquid Glass




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