Nimbus9 Lifeline Micro USB Cable Red Silver

Lifeline Red Micro USB Cable by Nimbus9



  • 6.6 ft long Cable for Extended Reach
  • Flat Cable Design
  • Charge or Sync Data
  • 2 AMP / 12 Watt Cable
  • One Year Warranty

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Nimbus9 Lifeline Micro USB Cable Red Silver

GTIN: 813612026593

Looking for a Charging Cable for Android Phones? Look no further!

Extra Long Micro USB Cable – 6.6 ft Extended Reach

Keep your device within arm’s reach while still charging or syncing your phone with this Extra Long Micro USB Cable. The 6.6 foot Micro USB cable allows you to stay plugged in and online at the same time. No more missing calls or texts because your phone is too far away.

Flat Cable Design with the Nimbus9 Red Micro USB Cable

This Ribbon-style Flat Micro USB cable provides for easy wrapping. The flat design of this Red Micro USB cable avoids the annoying issue of tangling and gives you the ability to wrap and store your Flat Micro USB Cable easily without damaging its integrity. The Red and Silver color of this Extra Long Micro USB Cable makes it easy to find and stylish as well.

Charge or Sync Data

This Flat Micro USB Charging Cable for Android Phones can be used to charge your Android device or Sync data. You can also use the Lifeline Micro USB Cable Red Silver to plug into your vehicle’s USB charging port if available. Syncing Data is easy – just plug the Micro USB cable into your computer’s USB port and you can transfer music, pictures, or video between your phone and your computer.

2 AMP Flat Micro USB Cable

Power your device through your busy day with this Nimbus9 flat Micro USB Cable. Compatible with all standard Micro USB ports for Android devices. Charge your Micro USB phone such as the LG V10, Samsung Note 4, or Motorola Moto G Plus with speed and ease.

Charging Cable for Android Phones has a One Year Warranty

Nimbus9 offers a 1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty on this red Micro USB cable. You will need to provide your original Proof-of-Purchase and a picture of the item. After verification, Nimbus9 will only charge you a standard Shipping & Handling fee and send your replacement flat Micro USB Cable directly to you.

Additional information

Weight 0.11 lbs
Dimensions 7.38 × 4.12 × 3.75 in