Nimbus9 USB-C Car Charger (Black)


  • USB-C
  • Car Charger
  • 2.4 Amp Output
  • Compatible


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Searching for a USB-C Car Charger for Android Phones? Need a USB-C Charger for Car? Check out our USB Type C Car Charger from Nimbus9!

2.4 AMP / 12 Watt Type-C Car Charger with 1.0 Meter Length Cable. Includes Universal USB Outlet Port.

Nimbus9 USB-C Car Charger Black

GTIN: 813612027712

USB-C Charger for Car

The USB-C Car Charger Black by Nimbus9 is compatible with most cars and trucks. Easily insert the charging end into the cigarette lighter socket in your vehicle and plug your phone into the USB-C end of the cord! That’s it. No additional installation steps necessary to get you charging on the go.

Universal USB Outlet Port

Just in case you need to charge another device, this USB C car charger has an extra USB port! Simply plug your extra charging cable in and juice up your Apple or Android device. Grab an Apple Certified Lightning Cable or Micro-USB Charging Cable from our online store to get you going.

Extra Long Charging Cable

The six-foot cord on the Nimbus9 USB-C Car Charger for Android Phones keeps your phone charging and within reach almost anywhere in your vehicle. Don’t get left with a dead battery in the back seat – pass the cord around!

2.4 Amp Output

This USB Type C Car Charger has 2.4 Amps of output at 12 Watts. Thanks to the improvements in USB-C car charger for Android phones over Micro-USB chargers, this means you have less time to wait before that battery is at 100% again. USB Type-C cords and adapters have the capability of transferring about twice the data per second as Micro-USB technology and charge up to 2x faster!

USB-C Car Charger for Android Phones

Please note: This product will not work with the older-style Micro-USB ports! This is a USB-C Car Charger for Android Phones. A few of the newer models that use USB-C: Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus, Google Pixel, Google Pixel XL, LG V10, Moto Z.

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Nimbus9 USB-C Car Charger Black

Nimbus9 USB-C Car Charger (Black)


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