Content Partnership

A major requirement of effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is building quality links to and from your website as well as relevant links to your sub-pages. Quality inbound links to your site count as a “virtual vote”. Search engines (such as Google) tally those votes (links). As they calculate domain authority and page authority, this determines search engine ranking.

All else being equal, the more high-quality “votes” you have, the better your website will rank. This is why we have built the content partnership program. Through our Content Partnerships, both sides involved mutually share in SEO and traffic increase. This also provides more value to your readers!

Best Cellular Content Partners

The Best Cellular “Featured On” program creates a greater SEO benefit for sites and news publications with great articles featuring Best Cellular. We’re building a, “scratch my back, I scratch yours” arrangement you’ll probably love.

If Your Site Features Best Cellular In An Article

One of our writers would create a press release featuring your article(s) on the Best Cellular “Featured On” program (see screenshot). If you would prefer to use one of your own writers instead, we are open to that as well.

Your Website or News Outlet – “Title of your article about Best Cellular”

Here’s The Exciting Part

Once you publish the press release, our SEO team promotes it. They build manual “white hat” SEO links into both our “Featured On” article as well as to Content Partner pages. The result is that as we build quality links to your article about Best Cellular, we mutually benefit from the SEO as well as increased traffic.

To Alleviate Any Concerns

We don’t ever mess with risky, “grey-hat” or “black-hat” SEO. All the links we build are relevant, human-created quality links. We don’t use bots, content spinners or any type of junk links to promote Content Partner pages.

Become A Content Partner

If you’re ready to move forward, the next step is for your site to create and publish an article mentioning Best Cellular. Then, let us know once it’s published so we can create a press release about being featured on your site and we’ll take care of the rest! To be considered, please include a “do-follow” link back to Best Cellular within your article. To get ideas for an article, visit the Newsworthy Content section or feel free to contact us for an interview if you prefer!

Once your article about Best Cellular is published, you can submit some information here to become a content partner with Best Cellular.