Custom Rate Plan Options On Best Cellular

Large corporations, IoT service providers, software & app developers often contact us about creating custom wireless plans for their companies. As a quad-carrier Mobile Virtual Network Operator, we have the ability to create custom prepaid cellular plans to suit your needs. Below are some of the services we provide:

Custom Prepaid Cellular Plans For Small Businesses

Contact us for custom prepaid cellular plans for small businesses with as little as 500 lines of service. Often companies need cellular plans with specific data allotments or they may require restrictions on services such as Talk, Text, MMS or voicemail. We can enable specific CAPs or restrictions, at any limit you choose. This allows companies to provide the communications their team needs while also retaining control of the usage. We have the ability to create custom wireless plans to fit your small business!

IoT Service Providers (Internet Of Things)

Best Cellular is an IoT Service Provider / M2M Service Provider. Contact us to create custom rate plans for IoT developers and IoT companies! The Internet of Things (IoT) is an incredible infrastructure that is evolving to meet the needs of both businesses and consumers and we are proud to be a part of the latest developments.

Custom Wireless Plans For Software Developers

We are happy to be working with software developers and device manufacturers as an IoT service provider. Contact us if you need custom wireless plans or prepaid data only SIM Cards with specific amounts of mobile data. Let us know what you need for your software and we will get to work, creating a custom rate plan that fits your requirements.

Custom Rate Plans For Master Agents

Master agents often contact us to port their existing dealers into Best Cellular rate plans after their MVNO, “changes the deal”, drops commission rates or cancels a popular plan that their dealers loved. As a result, we started creating custom rate plans for master agents. If you’re a master agent with a different MVNO, contact us about porting your customers in. If you have a significant amount of active lines, we may be able to create a rate plan to compete with what your current MVNO is offering.

To conclude, our goal is to provide the best prepaid cellular options for every company. If your business isn’t listed above or need to discuss rates for a different service, feel free to contact us!

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