• Phones by Manufacturer

    Phones by Manufacturer

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    Search phones by the manufacturer or you can also search by carrier if you prefer! Keep in mind: many phones need a SIM card to be activated!  Have questions? Contact Us!  We are happy to help!
  • Phones By Carrier

    Phones By Carrier

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    Buy cell phones that are compatible with carriers in your area! Buy phones online for all four major carriers! Once you buy a phone you like, activate your phone online with Best Cellular. If you know what network you want to activate a phone on, you can sort phones by Carrier Compatibility to buy exactly what you want. Be sure to review which carrier you want to activate the phone on before making a purchase!  Phones listed here will be sorted by which carrier(s) they are compatible with.  If you have questions, one of our specialists will be happy to help you select a phone as well as make sure it's compatible with the network you want to use it on! Buy Cell Phones for any of the Major Cellular Networks Some wireless networks use the "GSM" (Global System for Mobile Communications) standard, while others use the "CDMA" (Code-Division Multiple Access) standards.  In the USA, "GSM", "CDMA" & "PCS" are all popular network types. Verizon, Sprint, and other carriers that use their networks use "CDMA".  AT&T, T-Mobile, & Mobile Network Operators who use their networks are using GSM technology.  These are competing standards and are not interoperable.  PCS (personal communications service) is a mobile phone service that runs on CDMA (also called IS-95) but most PCS devices cannot be used on CDMA wireless networks.  Sprint and their MVNO's use "PCS" network standards.
  • SIM Cards

    SIM Cards

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    SIM Card Sizes - Standard SIM - Micro SIM - Nano SIMMost newer Sprint & Verizon 4G phones cellphones require SIM cards to be activated. GSM devices like AT&T or T-Mobile handsets require a SIM Card to activate (even if they're an older 3G model). We sell SIM Cards for CDMA, GSM-A, GSM-T or PCS phones. Activate your phone with a SIM card. We will send it next day! Some phones require a card to be cut before inserting it. Tell your customer service rep what type of phone you plan to put the card in. We can trim your SIM to fit before mailing it.

    Buy SIM Cards Online

    Buy a SIM Card online. Our reps will help you activate a new number or port your existing phone number to Best Cellular from another company. Activate your phone! All you need is a SIM Card and a monthly plan! If you aren't sure which card you need to purchase, please contact us and we can help you determine which SIM Cards you need for your specific phone and wireless network!
  • Accessories


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    Order Phone Accessories online from Best Cellular! Accessories not only help you protect your investment on the cool new phone you bought, but they also help personalize your phone by making it fit your style.  Pick your favorite color and style and make your phone match your personality! Dual-layer cases and tempered glass products will shield your device from the bumps and drops of everyday life. Car chargers and travel chargers keep your phone fully charged so you can go on with your day without slowing down. Earphones and Bluetooth speakers play your tunes to keep the party jumping or relax your nerves after a long day. Buy cellphone cases, screen protectors, chargers, earphones and tempered glass for your phone!
  • Cell Phone Plans

    Cell Phone Plans

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    If you are already a Best Cellular customer, simply log into your account and pay your bill online (or feel free to call us). This category is used for our retail stores to process plan payments at the point of sale system.
  • Landline Devices

    Landline Devices

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    Landline connect boxes allow you to plug a landline or home phone into the box and use a standard landline phone (without being plugged into the wall phone jack. Landline connect boxes use a cellular signal to power up to 2 landline phones and they have a battery backup that allows the box to work even when unplugged!
  • Signal Boosters

    Signal Boosters

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    Signal Booster make dropped calls and slow data connections a thing of the past!