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Most newer Sprint & Verizon 4G phones cellphones require SIM cards to be activated. GSM devices like AT&T or T-Mobile handsets require a SIM Card to activate (even if they’re an older 3G model). We sell SIM Cards for CDMA, GSM-A, GSM-T or PCS phones. Activate your phone with a SIM card. We will send it next day! Some phones require a card to be cut before inserting it. Tell your customer service rep what type of phone you plan to put the card in. We can trim your SIM to fit before mailing it.

Buy SIM Cards Online

Buy a SIM Card online. Our reps will help you activate a new number or port your existing phone number to Best Cellular from another company. Activate your phone! All you need is a SIM Card and a monthly plan! If you aren’t sure which card you need to purchase, please contact us and we can help you determine which SIM Cards you need for your specific phone and wireless network!

What Is A SIM Card?

We provide a detailed explanation below to answer this question. A SIM Card or Subscriber Identity Module is a small plastic card containing a unique integrated circuit card identifier (ICCID). When you buy SIM Cards online, we ship them straight to you!

SIM Card SizesSIM Card Sizes - Standard SIM - Micro SIM - Nano SIM

Popular Sizes Include:

  • Standard SIM Cards (1FF: 85.6 × 53.98mm)
  • Mini SIM Cards (2FF: 25 x 15mm)
  • Micro SIM Cards (3FF: 15 x 12mm)
  • Nano SIM Cards (4FF:12.3 × 8.8mm)

What Does A SIM Card Do?

These little plastic cards fit into a phone to contact the network through your phone’s antenna. What they do and how they work are essentially the same question. Once the card is installed into your phone, you can connect to your network. These small cards store data such as your phone number, network configuration settings, and more. SIM Cards allow your phone to place calls, send SMS & MMS, and use mobile data. They also store configuration data for your phone number and some phones can save your contacts there as well. Calls, SMS, MMS, and Mobile Data all route through the wireless network using that little card.

How To Activate My SIM Card

Activate your phone plan online or at a retail location. Our online portal provides one of the easiest ways to activate a phone or SIM card. We can use your existing phone number by helping you complete a port request from your old carrier. If you’d rather get a new phone number, the activation is even easier! We have multiple networks to choose from, so you always have the best wireless coverage in your area. If you already have everything you need, use one of the buttons above to activate your phone online. It’s quick and easy, with a step-by-step phone activation portal and the option to keep your number or get a new phone number. Our Customer Service Team is available 24/7 to assist should you need any help.

How Much is a SIM Card?

All GSM-T, 4G CDMA, and 4G PCS devices require SIM Cards. Carrier cards vary in price but typically cost anywhere from $10 to $35. Buy one online from our US-based cell phone store at current sale prices and we’ll ship it to you the next day! We help you with everything from buying a new SIM Card to activating your phone. Our customer service can even activate a new card for you before placing it in the mail.

Buy SIM Cards Online

Activate any compatible phone on our nationwide network. Buy a SIM Card online and we can help you activate your phone! We ship directly to you. If you’re not sure which network your device is compatible with, contact a Best Cellular customer service representative, and they will be happy to help you. Our customer service is fully based in America, so you get the highest quality of assistance available. We are available 24/7, so can always count on having support. We strive to provide the best customer service in addition to the best phone service.



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