What is SIM Card Form Factor?

SIM Card Form Factor refers to the physical size and shape of a SIM Card. Certain SIM Cards (like GSM cards) can be cut or trimmed from a 1FF to a 2FF down to a 3FF and even the smallest 4FF SIM Card to fit into certain devices while others cannot be trimmed and are only compatible with certain devices.

This article breaks down current SIM Card sizes (Form-Factor) and each separate SIM Card size will link to a list of available SIM Cards for that specific Form Factor.

Nano SIM (4FF)

4FF Nano-SIM Cards are the newest and also the smallest SIM Card form factor. Nano SIM Cards are the size of the SIM Card that many newer smartphones and other smart devices use.

Micro SIM (3FF)

3FF Micro-SIM Cards are currently the most common size of SIM Card on the market but the smaller 4FF SIM Cards are taking over the market quickly.

Mini SIM (2FF)

2FF SIM Cards (often called a “Standard SIM Card”) are still very popular on many GSM handsets including international GSM phones and dual-SIM handsets.

Full-Size SIM (1FF)

1FF Full-Size SIM Cards are the full credit card size and are typically used in data cards, iOT devices, and M2M data transmission.

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