What is Best Cellular mVOIP / VOIP?

VOIP is a cool mobile phone calling platform we’re launching to allow our customers to place phone calls over WiFi instead of cellular towers!  If you are in an area where wireless carriers don’t offer great coverage, Best Cellular mVOIP will let you connect to your home or business WiFi and talk as if you had perfect coverage!  Customers can save up to 94% on international calls by taking advantage of mobile VoIP technology. With VOIP you will be able to call around the world from the freedom of your mobile phone, for the same low price and great sound as a local call.

Once we launch, simply:

  • Register
  • Download
  • Start calling in just 3 minutes.

We’ll give you 5 free minutes and 5 free international SMS just to try us out. Get started here:

Save up to 94%

Best Cellular mVOIP will be an easy way to save money when calling abroad from your mobile phone. There will be no monthly fee, no call set-up charges and no hidden fees. Check out our low rates!

No Gimmicks

There will be no gimmicks with Best Cellular mVOIP. You keep your phone number, your phone company, or switch to Best Cellular. When calling, you dial direct from your contacts.

Best Cellular mVOIP will support more than 900 mobile phones across Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Java and Symbian Nokia platforms. You will be able to find your mobile from our list of supported phones (not yet released).

Calling via Best Cellular mVOIP

Best Cellular mVOIP will be a mobile VoIP application that redirects your global calls as local calls to give you low-cost international calling.

When you call from your mobile to any mobile or landline around the world, Best Cellular mVOIP will re-route your call as a local call to a Best Cellular mVOIP gateway and then on to your destination. You pay your mobile service provider for a local call and Best Cellular mVOIP for the international part of the call.
When you call with Best Cellular mVOIP and a Wi-Fi connection, you will not have to pay your service provider’s local call charge. Plus, when you and the person you are calling are both on Best Cellular mVOIP and Wi-Fi, it’s totally free!
When you are out travelling, we recommend you do not use Best Cellular mVOIP unless you can call from a Wi-Fi connection. This will avoid international roaming charges.

Secure Payment

After you have used your free international minutes and SMS, you will be able to top-up your credit or PayPal account directly from your phone or your Best Cellular mVOIP account.

Your payments will be handled by the secure internet payment system, DIBS. Your credit card information is transferred using an encrypted and always secure connection with DIBS. As an extra layer of security, Best Cellular mVOIP has added Verified by VISA and MasterCard Secure Code to secure your online payments.