Do phones crack while laying on the nightstand? Can a faulty replacement screen make my phone crack without touching it?

Can Your Phone Crack While Laying On A Nightstand?

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Lots of brand new screen repair or phone repair businesses ask similar questions. Chats in phone repair forums and on Facebook dealer chat groups often repeat this same question – “Do phones crack while laying on the nightstand?”

Minor crack with absolutely no sign of an impact

In certain but extremely (rare) cases, phones do have the possibility of cracking due to an extremely swollen battery. Swollen battery damage typically occurs while the phone is plugged in overnight, charging on a nightstand. If a phone screen was repaired and the battery was extremely swollen, it would be obvious that the battery should be replaced. Chances are, there would be no way the screen could be re-attached with the swollen battery still inside. A faulty replacement screen won’t shatter without impact or pressure.

If you are a customer who brings a phone to have the cracked screen replaced, they may tell you that the battery should be replaced soon as well. It would be a poor choice not to have the battery replaced while they are fixing your cracked screen!

Major cracks with signs of impact

In almost every case of a repair being made to a phone that was previously abused, thrown against a wall, drop-kicked while screaming at a spouse, etc., the screen will be broken in a similar manner to the way it was damaged the first time. A “faulty replacement screen” will never cause a phone to look like it’s been thrown against a wall. A phone repair business may offer a warranty repair to a customer with a screen that cracked “just sitting on the nightstand.” However, don’t be surprised when the same aggressive customer comes in next week looking for you to do the same repair again!

Often customers return to the phone repair shop demanding a warranty repair when the phone screen is broken again after the first or second screen repair. New dealers sometimes don’t know how to respond to a customer who blames a repair for damage caused by pressure or impact after leaving the store.

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