Phones by Manufacturer

After you purchase a phone or SIM Card, a Best Cellular associate will contact you to get details to activate your phone for you!  You can get a new number or we will be happy to help you port your number from another carrier (if eligible).

Find cool phones on our website!  Once you pick the phone you love, one of our friendly technicians will contact you to help get it activated for you!  You can get a new number or we can help you transfer your number from your old carrier if you want!  Feel free to contact us if you would like help selecting a phone that fits your needs!  If you already have a phone you like, we can help you activate your own phone as well!

Below you can search phones by manufacturer or you can also search by carrier if you prefer!  Have questions?
Contact Us!  We are happy to help!

Once you purchase your cool new phone, you will be redirected to a page that asks for information about the number you want to activate (or port in from another carrier).  We can activate most types of phones!  Keep in mind: many phones need a SIM card to be activated!  Don’t worry.  We can help you if you don’t know what that is!