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    Essential was founded by Andy Rubin, the creator of Android. The company focuses on disrupting the wireless industry in the best way possible. They have created a fully unlocked, carrier-independent device in the PH-1 that performs amazingly well. Their products are built to fit into your everyday life, enhancing without distracting. New standards have been set by the team at Essential, and other phone manufacturers would be wise to pay attention.
  • Orbic


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    Orbic™ phones run the latest Android technology. These handsets are built as budget devices with specs to compete with some of the industry's leading brands. Starting with the Orbic™ Wonder, this company will be producing phones that are certified for activation on Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T contracts, as well as prepaid MVNO's such as Best Cellular.
  • Samsung


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  • Motorola

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    About the HTC Company

    HTC is an electronics manufacturing and design company founded in 1997.  They design and manufacture devices such as mobile phones and tablets.  The company started making smartphones based mostly on Windows Mobile.  The company is now a co-founding member of the Open Handset Alliance.  The Open Handset Alliance is a group of handset manufacturers and mobile network operators dedicated to the development of the Android mobile operating system.
  • BLU


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