Use the free Sprint SIM Card lookup tool to see what SIM card you need for a specific Sprint device!

UICC Identifiers

UICC Facts

  • Sprint Card SKU – This is the number that identifies this type card in our billing system (Ensemble)
  • UPC – This is the same as a SKU and is the number used in all front end ordering systems (FDT, RMS, eTicket, etc.…)
  • Part Number – This is the manufacturer’s part number and is generally not used by Sprint, but used by the OEMs.
  • ICC ID – This is the “serial number” of the card and is unique for each card. This is the unique identification number that is paired with the device MEID/ESN and is activated in the billing system (Ensemble)
  • Just because a UICC physically fits in a device, that doesn’t mean it will work with that device. Only use the card(s) that are listed as compatible in this tool
  • Each device has a listing for a primary card (or cards) and alternate card (or cards). The primary UICC is what comes included with the device when they are brand new. The alternate card(s) will work perfectly with the device if the primary card is currently not available or out of stock.
  • All UICC’s are identified with the Part Number and the UPC on the card carrier. The actual UICC that is snapped out of the carrier may only have the ICC ID visible.
  • The UPC is the “SKU” that must be used in all sales/ordering systems.
  • No user information is stored on the UICC. Therefore, there is no reason to remove the UICC from a device, even if the customer is switching to another device.