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Everything You Need To Know About Activating Your Phone Online

Welcome to the online phone activation portal! Here you can learn how to activate phones and find answers to our most frequent questions. Click one of the three buttons above to activate your phone online or buy a new one. Keep reading for answers to our most frequently asked questions about activating phones or wireless accounts with our prepaid service.

Simply ask us to activate your phone and within minutes we can help you create a wireless account.

Activating your device is easy with our simple-to-use phone activation portal. Use one of the options at the top on this page to get started. You can activate a phone from almost any carrier! Our nationwide prepaid wireless plans require NO credit check and NO contract. We offer prepaid wireless plans without any hidden fees.

Yes, Best Cellular is a BYOD network! Activate your phone from almost any carrier on the Best Cellular service. All you need to buy is a SIM card, and you are ready to roll! Best Cellular not only allows you to keep another carrier’s phone, but we also encourage it. Our team is built around value and saving our customers money. Using your current phone is a perfect way to do that! You can activate phones online or in one of our retail stores nationwide.

There are no hidden fees or extra charges on a Best Cellular prepaid wireless account. It doesn’t matter if you pay online, set up auto-pay, call our 24-hour customer service, or visit a local retailer. We understand the importance of having a cellular company that has your back no matter where you are. Feel free to bring your own device and activate your phone online! If you need assistance, we are always available to help you pick the perfect plan that fits your needs. Our trained staff will help you choose the right plan, SIM card, or anything else you need. You will always hear a friendly voice providing excellent customer service.

Activating a new phone or an old one is simple with our online activation process. We make it so simple even those that aren’t “tech savvy” can activate a phone online! If you want to port your number over from an old carrier, the activation process may take a while longer but we can definitely do it. Looking to activate a new phone? Just give us a call or use the “Buy a Phone” option to get started. Activate a phone today and start enjoying the Best Cellular nationwide network!

Switching to a better carrier won’t change any settings on your phone. We don’t need to flash your device, and our system doesn’t delete data from the phone. If you need help transferring your data, take a look at our article on moving your data from one phone to another. With Best Cellular, you can keep all of your personal data on your device as you switch over to better service.

Yes, if you have a cellphone from a different wireless carrier, just follow the steps above and you can activate your phone online. When you activate your phone with Best Cellular, you can experience great quality service no matter where you travel in the United States. Our team of professionals has training on how to activate phones from any carrier. We can help you activate a phone online from the comfort of home. You can either keep your old number or get a new one. If you need any help with phone activation, we offer free 24/7 customer service!

If you need a new phone, we have lots of great phones in stock! Upgrade your old phone and buy a prepaid phone online. You can easily activate new service once you receive your phone and SIM card in the mail. We can also activate your phone for you, so it is ready to go out of the box!

You are welcome to keep your existing number, or we can provide you with a new phone number. We can transfer/port your phone number from any current company without losing personal data on your phone. Give us a call or use the Live Chat to reach out and we’ll walk you through the porting process. If you want a new phone number, we can do that too. We offer free phone numbers on all new activations! You can even change your phone number after activation. There are no extra charges or hidden fees, whether you keep your old number or get a new one. Just make sure that you get all of your account information from your previous carrier and also confirm that your bill is current.

Whether you choose to port your current number or get a new phone number, the same steps apply. The simplest way to activate a phone number is through the online activation portal. Please remember, that cell phone carriers legally have 72 business hours to release a phone number in the event of a port. If you find you have trouble online with the steps our website provides on how to activate service on new phones, you can always give us a call!

Wherever you go in the USA, we have access to coverage on the largest carriers. This gives us the ability to provide you with the best prepaid service nationwide! Our team of professionals will help you determine which carrier works best in your area. No matter where you travel, we can help you find the strongest signal! If a customer moves or travels frequently, we can switch them to a different network with a compatible device. You can change carriers whenever you feel the need. In fact, you’ve never had more options for coverage under one roof!

You can buy a prepaid phone plan without an ID online. We can help you activate your SIM Card or BYOD phone with no contract. We require No ID or credit check, whether you buy a SIM Card or plan. Contact Best Cellular to activate a phone on one of our cheap wireless plans, or simply create a new wireless account online today!