Bring Your Own Phone (BYOD)

Bring Your Own Phone (BYOD)

Have you ever wondered, “Can I activate my phone?” Yes you can. Activate your own phone online with our easy-to-use activation portal. We allow BYOD (bring your own device) from almost every network and carrier. With Best Cellular, you can bring your own phone! If you live near a Best Cellular dealer, we recommend you visit them and keep your business local! Best Cellular dealers offer BYOD wireless, free phone activation, help in buying SIM cards, and can set up new service if you need! If you need to buy a new phone, most Best Cellular dealers have lots of great phones in stock! This section of the site is for customers looking to activate your phone online.

How To Activate a Phone – Activate My Phone

Can I activate my phone online? Yes you can! Bring your own phone and our online activation portal will walk you through step-by-step with your phone activation. Anyone with basic computer skills can activate their phone online from the comfort of home. Keep your number or get a new one. Our online phone activation portal gives you the choice. If you need any assistance with your phone activation, we offer free 24/7 customer service to teach you how to activate a phone.

Keep Your Number Or Get a New Phone Number

Best Cellular can port a number from any company. Our online activation portal will help you submit the information necessary to port a phone number from your previous carrier. If you need a new phone number, we can do that too. We offer free phone numbers on all new activation’s. You can even change your number after activating, if you need. We don’t charge any fees to keep your number or get a new one.

We Offer Nationwide Coverage!

Best Cellular uses every tower from Every Major Carrier in the USA so we can always find you the best prepaid wireless coverage in your area! If there is a cell tower from any of the 4 major US Carriers available in your area, we have access to it, providing you the best prepaid service available. We help every customer determine the best service in their area, so they can always have the strongest signal, no matter where they live. If a customer moves or travels frequently, we can even switch them to a different network with a compatible device. You’re not locked into one carrier with Best Cellular. In fact, you’ve never had more options for coverage from one company.

BYOD Wireless

Most cell phone companies don’t allow you to use phones from other carriers, but we do. We allow you to activate phones from almost any carrier (BYOD). One of the best ways to save money on your phone bill is to use a phone you already own! All you have to do is buy SIM Cards and you are ready to activate! We not only allow you to use your own phone, but encourage it! We believe in value and saving money, and using a phone you already own is the perfect way to do that.

Bring Your Own Phone to Activate on the Best Cellular Nationwide network!

Bring your own phone and activate online. If you need any help, our staff is available to help you pick the right plan, SIM card and anything else you may need! Best Cellular is a BYOD network that allows you to activate your own phone online or in our retail stores nationwide. There are no hidden fees or extra charges when you pay your bill. It doesn’t matter if you pay online, set up auto-pay, call our 24-hour customer service or visit a local retailer! We are here to help you!

We always recommend keeping business local and supporting your local economy! Visit your local Best Cellular dealer if there’s one in your town!

Don’t settle for less!  You deserve the Best!


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Bring Your Own Phone (BYOD)



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