Google Voice Account Number, Password & Contact Info

Contact Information for Cellphone Service ProvidersThis is a brief overview of Google Voice and how to get the information you will need if you wish to port your phone number out to a different company. You can use the information below to get your Google Voice account number and password.

Google Voice Contact Info

Customer Service: N/A
Hours: N/A

  • Sales: N/A
  • Dealer Support: N/A
  • Fraud: N/A
  • Insurance: N/A
  • Porting Department: N/A
  • Tech Support: N/A

Carrier(s) used by Google Voice

  • (CDMA): NO
  • (GSM-A): NO
  • (GSM-T): NO
  • (PCS): NO
  • (Other): Other

Google Voice Porting Instructions

To port out of Google Voice, go to to unlock your number. Google Voice account numbers are the 10-digit phone number. Your Google Voice passcode is the last 4 digits of the phone number unless you changed it to something else. customers full name and address must match. It will take 4 to 7 business days for Google Voice to complete your port request. They charge a $3 fee to port from Google Voice if the number wasn’t originally ported into Google Voice from a different carrier.

Notes: Google Voice is a very popular service that many business owners use to add a second line or to separate their personal and business numbers. Our company uses Google Voice because of a cool feature where they let you schedule times for different lines to ring.

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