(GSM-A) prepaid plans from Best Cellular

With Best Cellular (GSM-A) Prepaid Plans, you can activate almost any GSM phone! With GSM-A prepaid plans, you can use a device you already own, purchase one from a Best Cellular dealer, or buy one online! Order your Best Cellular (GSM-A) SIM Card from our online store or buy one in a Best Cellular store and we’ll get you all set up! We provide 24/7 customer service to assist you in activating and programming your device. If you purchase a phone and SIM from a local Best Cellular dealer, they will set up and test your phone, all for free.

GSM-A Prepaid Plans

These plans allow you to have a no-contract phone plan on our Nationwide GSM-A network! You can use a device you already own and keep your number too; providing you even more savings! We offer BYOD (bring your own device) options on all four of our networks. Customers can save a lot of money by using their own phone, but we sell new, certified refurbished, and used phones at highly competitive rates too!

GSM-A Phones

Almost all GSM-unlocked devices can be activated on a Best Cellular GSM-A plan! If you would like to purchase a new phone, you can buy one from any of our Best Cellular retail stores or you can buy a GSM phone online to activate! Our online store provides a wide selection of devices and accessories, with a simple checkout. You can order a phone online and we ship it directly to your house, pre-activated with any accessories you purchased already installed!


To find the best coverage in your town, check out our coverage maps! These awesome maps provide real-time coverage data from customers devices to help you find the best service. You can compare our four networks side-by-side to find the optimal service anywhere in the United States! *Unlimited does not mean unreasonable. Users must adhere to the fair use policy.
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