Basic Phone Plans

Basic Talk

$ 15 Monthly
  • 500 Minutes Talk
  • 100 Text Messages
  • 100MB Data

Basic Plus

$ 19 Monthly
  • 750 Minutes Talk
  • 1,000 Text Messages
  • 250MB Data

Unlimited Talk

$ 35 Monthly
  • Unlimited Talk
  • Unlimited Text
  • 500MB Data

Smartphone Plans


$ 40 Monthly
  • Unlimited Talk
  • Unlimited Text
  • +1.5GB Data


$ 50 Monthly
  • Unlimited Talk
  • Unlimited Text
  • +3GB Data


$ 60 Monthly
  • Unlimited Talk
  • Unlimited Text
  • +10GB Data

*Unlimited does not mean unreasonable use. See “Excessive Utilization of Network Resources” under Acceptable Use Policy for details.

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What Are The Best Prepaid Wireless Plans?

CDMA Prepaid Plans on the Nationwide (CDMA) “Red Network”(CDMA) Plans

CDMA Prepaid Plans (CDMA) “Red Network” – Nationwide, the “Big Red” network has the best coverage in most areas. Many professionals who travel frequently use the CDMA network because of its exceptional coverage across the USA. Buy a new phone or activate your own phone on the Best Cellular CDMA plans with no contract and no credit check.

PCS Prepaid Plans on the Nationwide (PCS) “Yellow Network”(PCS) Plans

PCS Prepaid Plans (PCS) “Yellow Network” – Activate on the PCS rate plans if you have a phone that uses Sprint towers or the “Big Yellow” network. Activate your PCS device online or in one of our friendly stores! Configuration settings can be applied over the air on most devices, making setup very simple on Best Cellular Plans! Keep in mind: there are many different types of 4G SIM Cards for the PCS network. We are happy to help if you need assistance in selecting the proper PCS SIM Card.

GSM-T Prepaid Plans on the Nationwide (GSM-T) “Pink Network”(GSM-T) Plans

GSM-T Prepaid Plans (GSM-T) “Pink Network” – Select GSM-T prepaid wireless plans if you have an unlocked phone and want to use the “Big Pink” Nationwide network. Insert your active (GSM-T) SIM Card and edit the APN settings on your GSM phone. Works with any unlocked GSM device! Feel free to contact us. We can help you select the proper SIM Card and prepaid plan to activate your phone!

Best Cellular Rate Plans

Get the Best Cellular plans with the best wireless coverage Nationwide! Keep your money local. We are American owned and operated. We offer very competitive rates with coverage on all the major US carriers!

Don’t pay too much for huge data plans if you aren’t someone who uses a ton of mobile internet! We can save most users a lot of money when they learn that they don’t need to pay for crazy amounts of mobile internet.

Best Cellular offers the best CDMA prepaid phone plans in the nation. Bring your own Verizon postpaid phone or get a new one from Best Cellular. Our pay as you go phone plans are no contract, no credit check, and no hassle!

CDMA Plans

Best Cellular (CDMA) prepaid phone plans offer the best coverage in the USA. If you travel frequently, a prepaid smartphone plan on Best Cellular CDMA service is the best option for you. These pay as you go phone plans use towers that are strategically placed along main highway routes as well as populated areas, so you can have coverage throughout your whole trip!

Our cheapest smartphone plan starts at $40/month, which means you can get affordable prepaid phone plans from an all-American company. Don’t spend time on hold waiting to speak with an outsourced agent. With a Best Cellular CDMA prepaid phone plan, you can expect amazing coverage and customer service to match!

Did you know we can also find the best coverage in your area? Contact one of our US-based customer service reps through the Live Chat feature below or call us 24/7 at 970-549-2378 to talk. We are entirely based in the United States of America, with live English-speaking customer service agents. Our highest priority is satisfied customers for our prepaid phone plans. That’s why we make sure every customer has the best service for their area!

CDMA Devices

We can activate both new and used devices on our pay as you go phone plans! You can bring your own phone and keep your number with Best Cellular. Do you already have a Verizon postpaid phone? We can activate it on one of our CDMA prepaid phone plans! To make sure your Verizon postpaid phone is fully compatible with our network(s), contact Best Cellular and we can check your ESN or IMEI for free. You don’t have to buy a new phone just to get better service!

If you don’t have a phone, or you’re looking for a new one, check out our online selection. We offer competitive pricing on new, certified refurbished, and used devices. Purchase a phone through our online store, and we will ship it directly to you! We thoroughly test every device we configure using a 50-point checklist. Get a new phone and a prepaid smartphone plan from Best Cellular today!

Best Cellular (CDMA)

Activate a Verizon phone on the Best Cellular (CDMA) service. Our (CDMA) plans are compatible with most Verizon handsets, including newer Verizon phones and used Verizon phones. We usually recommend the Best Cellular (CDMA) coverage above all the others nationwide, aside from a few choice spots. Some older Verizon phones are not compatible with any other bands, but we can still activate your Verizon phone. It’s one of our most popular services because the Best Cellular (CDMA) outperforms the rest! Activate a Verizon phone easily and quickly through one of the options above. Don’t toss that old Verizon phone out, but give us a call first to check if it is compatible with the best coverage in the United States.

Activate on one of our PCS rate plans if you have a phone that uses Sprint towers or the “Big Yellow” network. You can activate your PCS device online and get started today! Best Cellular makes setup very simple on our best prepaid cell phone plans!

Best Prepaid PCS Plans

Get a cheap prepaid cell phone plan on our nationwide PCS coverage. Start service today for only $40/month! We don’t charge any hidden fees of any kind, and never will. We just provide the best prepaid cell phone plans in the USA!

Looking for the best smartphone plan for your Sprint phone? Best Cellular PCS prepaid plans offer coverage across the nation. To see if the PCS coverage is right for you, contact us to verify your ESN or IMEI today. If you need a Sprint SIM card, we have those too! Keep in mind, there are many different types of 4G SIM Cards for the PCS network. We are happy to help if you need assistance in selecting the proper PCS SIM Card.

PCS Phones

You can use your own postpaid Sprint phone, and keep your number! Best Cellular can activate almost any PCS phone on our best prepaid cell phone plans. BYOD and use your personal Sprint smartphone! With 1,000’s of compatible devices, there are plenty of options for our best smartphone plans. Or, you can buy a new phone through Best Cellular! We offer great prices on new, certified refurbished, and used devices. Not only that, we have all of the items you need to purchase a fully activated phone: SIM Cards, Tempered Glass, Cases, and more! We install all of your accessories free of charge. Along with all of that, every Best Cellular device we sell includes free activation, free configuration, and free porting so you can keep your own number. You can have a Sprint smartphone, activated on a cheap prepaid cell phone plan, shipped directly to your front door today!

Best Cellular (PCS)

Activate a Sprint phone on Best Cellular (PCS) nationwide service. We activate new and used Sprint phones every day! If you have a Sprint phone, bring it to Best Cellular (PCS) for coverage! In many rural areas, Sprint has the most towers. That’s a huge reason why Best Cellular (PCS) has become so popular in farming communities and rural areas across the country. Whether you need Sprint coverage or you want to keep and activate a Sprint phone, we can help. Easily activate a Sprint phone by using one of the options at the top of this page. These options allow you to activate a basic Sprint phone, Sprint smartphones, or even buy a Sprint phone online. Activate your Sprint phone online with no contract today!

Choose GSM-T prepaid wireless plans if you have an unlocked phone and want to use the “Big Pink” Nationwide network.  Insert your active (GSM-T) SIM Card, edit the APN settings, and you’re ready to go! We can also help you select the proper SIM Card and prepaid plan to activate your phone. A cheap wireless plan with Best Cellular works with any unlocked GSM device!

GSM-T Prepaid Plans

With Best Cellular (GSM-T) pay as you go wireless plans, you can activate your own unlocked GSM phone. Many GSM devices are eligible for Best Cellular (GSM-T) activation! You can use BYOD postpaid T-Mobile smartphones with our least expensive wireless plan. Order your Best Cellular SIM Card online and we’ll help you set up your device. We even provide free activation and configuration with no extra fees!

These plans offer no-contract GSM-T service on our Nationwide GSM-T prepaid network. We allow customers to save money by activating their own devices, but if you need a new phone, you can purchase one from one of our Best Cellular retail locations or online. We offer high-competitive pricing on phones and accessories. Our online store provides the phones, SIM Cards, and accessories to get you fully set up! We have a 24/7 customer service team ready to assist you in activating your phone. Purchase online and contact us for easy activation steps! If you purchase a new phone and plan from our online store, we activate the phone before shipping it. You can order a device and have it shipped directly to your doorstep, ready to go with one of our prepaid wireless plans!

GSM-T Prepaid Coverage

GSM-T prepaid plans provide service nationwide. We always make sure our customers have the best coverage in their area. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority! Our prepaid wireless plans come with no contract limitations or extra fees. Looking for a cheap wireless plan on nationwide prepaid service? Call today to activate your T-Mobile phone on the Best Cellular (GSM-T) network!

Best Cellular (GSM-T)

Activate a T-Mobile phone or activate an unlocked phone on our Best Cellular (GSM-T) coverage. Keep in mind, you cannot unlock GSM-only devices for use on CDMA or PCS networks. You can activate a T-Mobile phone as well as activate unlocked AT&T phones on a cheap wireless plan! Give us a call or use one of our easy options on this page to activate a T-Mobile phone on a GSM-T plan.

Check International long distance calling rates with Best Cellular. If you already have a cash card on your account, follow the instructions below to make an international long distance call.

How To Place International Long Distance Calls

  1. Dial International Gateway Direct: 1-513-880-0026
  2. Listen for prompts. It will tell you to please dial the number you wish to call.
  3. Dial 011 + Country Code & the complete phone number.
  4. Do Not press CALL again, just wait up to 10 seconds until the call connects.

In some cases, a 1 is required before the complete phone number.

Prepaid International Long Distance Calling

You will not pay a monthly charge to call outside the US. We offer competitive rates on prepaid ILD (International Long Distance) cards that never expire! If you spend $0.05 of your ILD Card, the remaining $4.95 will remain on your account until you need it – whether that’s one month or one year from now. International calling is an available add-on to any plan we offer.

Add a Best Cellular Cash Card and you are ready to call friends and family wherever they live. Another option is to share your ILD calling balance with other phone lines, such as your home phone.

Print a single flier containing all the Best Cellular Plans. These fliers can be used for new customers to compare rates, or fold them to give to your customers! Best Cellular allows dealers to offer monthly prepaid wireless plans on every major carrier in America!



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