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Thousands of customers are saving money on their prepaid wireless service by switching to Best Cellular. Calculate how much you can save by switching!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of prepaid phones? Here are some pros and cons when comparing prepaid cell phone plans.

What Is A Prepaid Plan?

Prepaid wireless services allow you to activate a phone with no contract and no credit check. Prepaid plans allow you to select the plan and features you want then pay in advance, with no hidden fees. When your plan expires, simply “recharge” your account with another month of service.

What Is A Postpaid Phone Bill?

Postpaid phone bills allow a customer to use service before actually paying for it. Postpaid contracts are typically more expensive than prepaid. Carriers assume the risk that a customer may not pay their bill. Postpaid contracts often have hidden fees and surcharges.

BestCellular.com started in 1998, but our team is as focused on improvement today as ever. New technologies and feature developments emerge every year. One thing remains the same: Best Cellular is committed to helping our customers in any way we can.

Savings For New And Existing Customers

Every time our rates drop, you save money! It’s common practice in the wireless industry to only offer new clients the latest deals. Cell phone companies that “grandfather you in” to old rate plans are often giving you a worse deal. They only offer the best wireless plans to their new subscribers!

That’s not how we do business. Best Cellular offers pricing improvements to both new customers and longtime subscribers. We appreciate the loyalty of our existing customers and make sure they always get the best deals.

Our reps find the best coverage for your everyday activities, whether at work, play, or travel. Once we know the best wireless coverage in your area, we recommend the service that fit your needs. Our nationwide company reach means we can optimize our service. This translates to fewer dropped calls or texts for you!

Nationwide Network Coverage

We have access to wireless network coverage on every tower from every major carrier in the USA! What happens when you move and your previous carrier doesn’t have great service? We can in-house port your line to the best coverage in your area using reliable coverage maps. Access to the very best wireless service, in every state across the country – that’s Best Cellular.

Multiple Cell Phone Companies Under One Roof

As a multi-carrier MVNO, Best Cellular doesn’t compete with anyone else on coverage. With this in mind, we’ve made our In-house Porting process as seamless as possible. Contact Best Cellular customer service, and we will take care of the rest! Our goal is to place our clients on the best coverage no matter where they are.

You can easily understand prepaid monthly plans. Monthly bills from postpaid wireless providers are notoriously difficult to read. With Best Cellular service, you know exactly what you’re paying and what you get.

Cell Phone Plans With Transparent Pricing

Best Cellular brings transparency to our prepaid wireless service. Our pricing, Terms of Service, and Usage Policies are all accessible online. We follow the golden rule – to treat our clients as we ourselves would want to be treated. We believe in open and clear pricing levels that don’t change unexpectedly.

No Hidden Fees

Many carriers demand fees from new customers upfront. They will tack on activation fees, line access charges, “convenience” fees, and more.

We are honored that you have chosen to do business with us. We have no hidden fees because we have nothing to hide. The only thing that will surprise you is our extraordinary service!

Postpaid Plan Costs

Contract phone plans are more expensive. When you get down to it, prepaid cell phone plans are cheaper for the customer. There are no additional monthly fees, and you only pay for phone service you actually need.

Save Money With Best Cellular

Many companies sell plans with more data than customers could ever use. We take the time to educate our customers on the many ways they can reduce mobile data usage. This helps you save money on your monthly bill! We help you find the best wireless plan for your budget with enough data for your needs.

Phone Financing

Prepaid phones don’t require financing. Many people still see an advantage to financing phones. However, prepaid cell phones are cheaper in the long run (often 50% less when you buy them up front). With postpaid handsets, users are often locked into a multi-year contract.

Phone Insurance

Postpaid wireless companies charge for phone insurance. Since prepaid wireless service providers don’t send you a bill, they can’t tack on extra fees or services. If you want insurance, you will need to get it from a third party provider.

It’s often cheaper to buy a new phone instead of paying extra monthly fees and a huge deductible.

Bring Your Own Device

Do you have a reliable device you don’t want to let go? You do not have to buy a phone from Best Cellular to activate with us! We are happy to help you with activation online or over-the-phone. Don’t worry about the details – we’ll help you check out the phone for eligibility and compatibility.

Activate Your Own Phone

Use our online phone activation portal. You can finish activating your device online or buy a phone and have it shipped. Don’t hesitate to call! Our reps are available every step of the way to help you get up and running.

Keep Your Phone Number

Don’t want to give up the number you’ve had for years? No problem – our friendly staff can take care of the porting process for you. Whether you need to transfer from a landline or another carrier, we can handle it. Keep your number or get a new one, your choice!

Postpaid wireless providers require a credit check. This qualifies you for phone financing or a two-year contract. If you have poor credit or simply value financial privacy, go with a prepaid cell phone carrier.

Create a Wireless Account With No Credit Check

Do you need good credit to get a cellphone? No. We don’t check your credit score! Buy a phone or activate your phone with Best Cellular.

Prepaid cell phone companies offer more choices. When you sign up for postpaid service, you only have a few options of phones to activate.

Prepaid wireless companies like Best Cellular are different. They don’t force you into a flagship phone with high financing charges. Prepaid wireless plans also offer freedom through BYOD phone activation.

Family Plan Options

Prepaid phone plans are a great way for families to activate phones for the kids. We offer parental controls so you can limit which cellular features children use. Disable mobile data access or MMS, set data limits and more! Many families teach the kids to use WiFi instead of mobile data and save money using our low-cost plans.

Prepaid Plans Are Safer For Parents

On a postpaid monthly bill, carriers will add charges for any talk, text, or data usage above your plan. Your bill can vary by a lot from one month to the next. With prepaid service, you can only use up to the limit of your prepaid plan.

Best Cellular

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Many people turn to Best Cellular when they have questions about cell phones. Our team of trained experts is available to answer these phone questions. Here are a few questions and answers about cellphone plans.

Best Cellular, an American owned and operated company, offers prepaid cell phones and wireless services. We are dedicated to providing the best coverage and the best phone prepaid service. Choose Best Cellular and we can promise you will enjoy the best customer service you’ve ever had. Create a wireless account now.

With prepaid phone plans, you pay up front for a month of service instead of being locked into a contract. Simply replenish online and your prepaid wireless plan is active for another month.

Prepaid devices do not usually come with SIM Cards. Best Cellular is offering a free SIM Card with activation. Activate your phone and get a free SIM Card today!

We include a free SIM card with all new activations, whether you buy a new prepaid smartphone from us or BYOD. If you are switching to a device that requires a new SIM card, get them online through the Best Cellular shop.

At Best Cellular, we activate BYOD prepaid cell phone service all the time! Make sure you don’t owe anything on your device with another wireless service provider. You also need to ask some wireless phone companies to “unlock” your phone to use on another carrier. If you have trouble activating your used phone, give us a call.

Best Cellular prepaid plans only last one month – that’s the extent of your commitment. If you want to change service or carriers for any reason, we are glad to help. Many cellular companies no longer use contracts, but they do sign you up for a 2-year payment plan on your device. Any device you buy from us up-front is completely yours.

In the past, paying for prepaid service required you to buy a prepaid phone card. You had to scrape off the entire scratchable area to reveal a PIN code. Then, you would call an automated system to refill your airtime service.

Best Cellular service doesn’t require the use of prepaid cards. Instead, you can replenish online or over the phone with one of our friendly American customer service reps. We also offer an AutoPay option.

For too long, carriers have railroaded their customers into expensive contracts. Personal needs were cast aside in favor of corporate profits.

Best Cellular is changing that. Our plans, coverage, and support are designed to benefit you. Never feel limited by your carrier again! Choose Best Cellular – choose freedom!

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Best Cellular offers nationwide, prepaid wireless service!

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