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Review: “Best Cellular is Great!”

Best Cellular works the best for me! They are so great! Every time I have a problem that needs to be fixed, they always help me! They are always really great with my questions because they know what they’re doing! This review was written by Nola Thurston

Review: “Best Cellular is the only company I will ever use.”

I know the staff at Best Cellular. I have been a customer since they opened. They are the only company I will ever use. I know the person who started the company. The main thing is: This service works! I’ve had companies I tried and really didn’t like. I know the family who started this company and their integrity and honesty and that’s why I will always do business with them. I love that I always get a hug when I leave the store. This review was written by Richard Burris

Review: “Review – New Phone Setup”

The staff at the Hotchkiss store is always pleasant, friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. Lauren was especially helpful, copying photos to my new phone. Thanks. Great job. This review was written by Lance Goss

Review: “Above and beyond customer service”

Best Cellular may be a small company but they go above and beyond to make sure all of your needs are met. They will research things, work with you on pricing and they do it all with a smile. In the past, I thought about switching to larger companies for easier access due to our rural area but I have found that nobody helps me out like Best Cellular. So thank you to the whole team for everything that you do for us in our small town. This review was written by Naomi Griffin

Review: “Most Helpful Cell Service Provider”

I have great service with Best Cellular, they not only help me out but they help me out in a timely manner. They’re always there to help me whenever I need help. The staff was so helpful when finding the best service provider for me in my remote location. Very much appreciate the Best Cellular team! This review was written by Bob Church

Review: “Great Business!”

Best Cellular has the best cell phone service, hands down! They live up to their name “BEST CELLULAR” by consistently treating their customers with friendliness and respect. Every time I’ve encountered a problem with my phone, or because I do not know what to do, everyone in the store is happy to assist me in fixing the problem. It usually is fixed quickly, too, as they know what they are doing, or find out what needs to be done and then they do it. Love to do business with the great service and prices they provide! This review was written by Laurie E.

Review: “They’re Always Friendly!”

They’re always friendly, always answering my questions, & they’re easy to talk with whenever I come in. Always available to answer and help all my problems & questions, I thank them. I am the instructor of Kung-Fu, Tai Chai, Chi Gong classes in Hotchkiss, Paonia, & Delta. This review was written by Bob Cook

Review: “I like the service!”

I like the service. Have been with Best Cellular for years. Never had any problems with the phone or the service. The staff is always very helpful and I like the friendly folks who are always available to help! My picture is already posted at the post office so don’t like my picture taken. (LOL!) This review was written by John “Saw” Hart

Review: “Looking for the best service – Switch to Best Cellular!”

In searching for a new phone and new carrier we decided to go with Best Cellular because the products, the service and the Customer service was the best we have found anywhere! Knowing that I can come in if I have Any problems that I may have that they will be there to help – gives me a great sense of comfort and confidence in this awesome company. I am so glad I switched! This review was written by Lynette Pierce

Review: “Best Cellular employees do good work. Very cooperative.”

Best Cellular store employees do good work. Very cooperative. Always help me set up my new phones (I have lost several in the irrigation ditch!). Being elderly, it’s nice having a company that will help me add my contacts and get my phone and service set up without a hassle. Glad they are here! This review was written by Terry Wilson

Review: “Amazing customer service”

I’ve been with Best Cellular for about a year and every time I come into their store, I always get the best customer service. They always make sure to answer all my questions, update my phone, help me add my contacts… just anything I need! I highly recommend them to anyone hands down. I’ll stay with this company for the rest of my life! This review was written by Jack Ruble

Review: “Best customer service around! – Best Cellular”

I’ve been with Best Cellular ever since the store opened. I’ve been with them from the start. I love the service and I love that I can always get the best service. Anything from helping get my contacts over to clearing up unnecessary space on my phone. They are always available and every time I walk in and they help get the problem solved. I’d recommend them to anybody because of their great service! These guys are so great! This review was written by Marie Bowker

Review: “I like your service – It’s a great place to do business.”

“It’s great doing business with Best Cellular.” “I really liked how they were able to get my old landline number on to my new Best Cellular phone. Always happy with the service. I pay my bill 6 month’s in advance so it’s easy doing business with them. I love it! I’m a Horse logger and I can get service many places in the mountains! I recommend you guys highly!” -Chris Johnson Video of Chris Johnson – Horse Logging Take a peek into a day in the life of Chris Johnson. Mr. Johnson uses Percheron horses for sustainable logging, fire mitigation, and forest maintenance in Western Colorado. He has a very special relationship with his horses.         The music for his YouTube video was graciously provided by Bill Powers.

Review: “Best price for International long distance!”

When I called my family in Vietnam with calling cards, it was very expensive. We could not talk for a long time before. With Best Cellular service, International calling works awesome. The prices are a lot cheaper. I always have service when I go everywhere including in the mountain or small town. We use the phone for our whole life so we should choose the best service that can go together a long time. Thank you for being the best phone company! This review was written by Trinh Nguyen

Review: “It was easy to find the SIM cards we need”

When looking for Sprint SIM cards online, there are very few sources of good information and even fewer reliable wholesalers. Your free SIM card tool was the first reliable source of information about which SIM cards are compatible with the devices we need to activate. When we ordered the SIM Cards, I received a call from your shipping department the same day and was impressed by the speed in which you processed my order as well as by your reps professionalism and willingness to help even after I let him know that I work with another Sprint MVNO. We plan to do a lot of business with Best Cellular as our new company grows!

Review: “They Helped Me Save Money!”

My husband and I switched to Best Cellular from contracts and saved about $70 + a month! No extra fees for having a smartphone or predetermined overage charges. Pay for what you use!

Review: “The ‘Best Cellular store in the county'”

I own SCDDRYWALL & painted the Best Cellular store in Hotchkiss, CO. Even though I was not even a customer yet, I was treated with respect. They appreciated my work & I still stop on often just to say hello. I always see great customer service given to everyone who walks in! This review was written by Susan Dickson

Review: “Great Prices & Cell Service!”

As an employee of Best Cellular, I can say they offer some of the best customer services in the industry! With multiple networks to choose from, Best Cellular has the best coverage across the nation. Review written by Austin Abbott

Review: “This is the best wireless company in the U.S.A.!”

Thanks for the great customer service! I’ve watched you grow from a little small hometown store to a Nationwide company, and you continued to stay honest in your business dealings with your customers. I respect that and I’ll be a loyal customer for life!

Review: “They helped with my phone!”

I was having a problem with apps on my phone for a few weeks and after calling Verizon customer service, I finally talked with a tech from Best Cellular who was able to walk me through getting my phone working. I’m pretty new to smartphones but the guy I spoke with was very helpful and didn’t make me feel stupid for asking a bunch of questions. I will be switching my service to Best Cellular as soon as my contract expires!

Review: “I’ll be back – I was very satisfied!”

I would like to thank you for taking the time to find a case for my old phone. I work outside a lot and I’m hard on my phones so I don’t ever buy a fancy new one. I was amazed that you guys were so helpful in finding exactly what I wanted. Your prices are good and the service is great! “I’ll be back.”

Review: “Great service & I’m not even a customer yet”

I’m not a customer (yet) but I was blown away by the level of customer service I received from the Best Cellular customer support rep I spoke with when I called to get help with my account info for another phone company. A very helpful lady answered after hours and walked me through the steps in getting the info I needed to leave the other phone company… (Even if I didn’t change my service to Best Cellular).

Review: “Incredible Customer Service”

I have been a customer from the very start. They constantly provide not only exceptional phone service, but it’s always a pleasure to do business with the company as a whole. When Best Cellular first started, the prices were a bit high (and they didn’t offer much data) but as the company grew, they’ve improved tremendously. I’ve shopped in multiple phone stores over the years but there’s something exceptional about the attitude of their employees. (Unless something changes in a major way), I’ll be a customer for life!

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