New iPhones – How To Activate With Best Cellular

We get a lot of emails like the one below about how to activate new iPhone devices through our service. This page will provide some of our typical responses.

Hello Best Cellular,
I was wondering if you could help me with some concerns I have? Recently my wife and I each purchased iPhone’s, and I am uncertain what to do to get your service. I am trying to figure out how to activate new iPhone devices and being as I am not too tech savvy I seem to be having some problems. How do I activate iPhone phone numbers on my existing device? What number do I call to activate my iPhone? Can you tell me how to activate iPhone phone numbers? What if I don’t know how to activate service on new iPhone devices?

How to Activate New iPhone Device

Through our simple step-by-step process on the Best Cellular website. We make it so simple even those that aren’t “tech savvy” can Activate New iPhones or used devices online.

Visit one of our dealers that are more than happy to assist you with how to activate service on new iPhone devices. You can always rely on quality customer care as well as a friendly atmosphere at any of the Best Cellular dealerships.
Call our customer service at  970-549-2378 and let one of our staff members assist with activating your new iPhone. We make it simple to Activate New iPhones.

Activate iPhone Phone Numbers

Great, now we can move on to your next question. I believe your next concern is, “how to activate iPhone phone Numbers?” We get this question often because the customer is afraid if they make a mistake, they will lose their current phone number.  Whether you chose to port your current number or requested a new number, the same steps apply. The simplest way to activate iPhone phone numbers is through our website. There might be a delay if you chose the option of keeping your existing number. Cell phone carriers legally have 72 business hours to release a phone number in the event of a port. If you find you have trouble online with the steps our website provides on how to activate service on new iPhones, you can always give us a call.

“What number do I call to activate my iPhone?” The number for customer service is 970-549-2378.

Now, your next two questions are similar to one another. You asked, “What do I do to activate iPhone phone numbers? What if I don’t know how to activate service on new iPhone devices?” The good news is, both of these are very simple.

Our technology team designed our website to be so user-friendly that anyone can maneuver their way around to find everything they need to know about their cell service. The three scenarios I listed above can assist you with both of these really great questions.

If you still have issues or concerns on How to Activate phone numbers or service on iPhones through on the website, please contact our customer service number for additional service. We thank you for choosing Best Cellular.

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