How To Activate New Phones

Activate a phone with Best CellularWelcome to the online phone activation portal. We are happy that you have chosen Best Cellular! We get emails daily with people asking, “How do I activate my phone?” This article will show you how to activate a phone on Best Cellular, whether you bought a new one or brought your own.

How to Activate a Phone

Learn how to activate a phone. You probably found this page by searching something like, “How do I activate my phone online?” Click the buttons above and follow the simple prompts to activate a phone. If you need help, we have a number to call to activate phones (listed below).

Bring Your Own Phone -or- Buy a New Phone

Activate a used phone you already have or buy a new phone to activate online. We make it simple. Activate your phone service online today, even if you don’t know how to activate a phone yet. Have you asked yourself, “Can I learn how to activate a phone”? Yes, you can. We can help!

Activate your phone from almost any carrier (BYOD). Saving money on your phone bill is what we can help you accomplish. To do this, you need to purchase a SIM card, and you are ready to roll! Best Cellular not only allows you to keep another carrier’s phone, but we also encourage it. Our team is built around value and saving our customers money. Using your current phone is the perfect way to accomplish that!

We understand how scary it can seem trying to get your new service up and running. Before we get started, let’s answer a few common questions we hear most often.

Will I know how to activate my phone?

We make online phone activation simple. Our step-by-step process will help you with your phone activation. Activate your own phone online or let us help you!

Is there a number to call to activate my phone?

Call our customer service number to learn how to activate a phone. One of our trained staff members will be happy to assist you. Simply ask us to help you activate this phone and within minutes you will be able to use your new service.

Is it hard to activate a new phone from another company?

We allow BYOD phone activation so activating either a new phone or activating an old phone is simple with our online activation process. If you want to port your number over from an old carrier, the activation process may take a while longer but it can definitely be done! Now, let’s move on with more information on activating your phone online.

Can I activate my phone online myself, or will I need help?

Activating your device with Best Cellular is easy with our simple-to-use activation portal. We understand the bond people have with their cellphone. We go above and beyond making it possible for bringing your own device over to our prepaid wireless network. It doesn’t matter what carrier you were with, you can activate a phone from almost every carrier on our service. Get Nationwide coverage with NO credit check, NO contract, and NEVER any hidden fees.

If you need a new phone, we have lots of great phones in stock! This page is for customers looking to activate your phone online or activate a phone you just ordered from our online store.

How to Activate a Phone – Activate My Phone

Activate a phone today and start enjoying the clear quality service of the Best Cellular nationwide network. Our online activation portal makes it simple for anyone to use. Bring your own phone and our system will walk you through it step-by-step. We can have you up and talking in minutes if you get a new phone number.

Can I Save My Contacts and Pictures before transferring?

Yes, you can! Switching to a better carrier won’t change any settings on your phone. The phone doesn’t need to be flashed. Our system doesn’t delete data from the phone. We make it simple! Just follow the simple steps above.

Ordering a Phone Online?

If you chose to upgrade your phone with one of the phones we sell in our online store, you need to activate your new service once you receive your phone and SIM card in the mail.

Want to activate a phone you bought somewhere else? No problem!

If you bought a cellphone from a different business, follow the steps above. Activating your phone with Best Cellular provides great quality signal/service no matter where you travel throughout the United States. Our team of professionals has training on how to activate phones from any carrier.

Anyone with basic computer skills can activate a phone online from the comfort of home. You can keep your number or get a new one. If you need any assistance with your phone activation, we offer free 24/7 customer service to teach you how to activate a phone.

When I Activate My Phone, Can I Keep My Phone Number?

Absolutely! You are welcome to keep your existing number, or we can provide you with a new phone number. We can port your current number from any company without you losing any data on your phone. Our online activation portal will help you submit the information necessary to port your phone number from your previous carrier. If you need a new phone number, we can do that too. We offer free phone numbers for all new activations. You can even change your number after activating if you need. There is no charge or any fees to keep your number or get a new one.

You will need to make sure you have all your account information from your previous carrier and that your bill is current and up to date.

The Best Nationwide Coverage!

No matter where you go in the USA, if there is a cell tower from any of the four major US Carriers, we have access to it – giving us the ability to provide you the best-prepaid service nationwide. By having access to all the major cell towers, our team of professionals will help you determine which carrier works best in your area. No matter where you travel, we can help you find the strongest signal.

If a customer moves or travels frequently, we can switch you to a different network with a compatible device. With Best Cellular, you can change carriers whenever you feel the need. In fact, you’ve never had more options for coverage from one company.

Bring Your Own Phone to Activate on the Best Cellular Nationwide Network!

Here is the bottom line. Our team wants you to get all you deserve from your cellular company. We are working people just like you, and we understand the importance of having a cell company that has your back no matter where you are.

Feel free to bring your own device and activate it online. If you need our help, we are always available to help you pick the perfect plan that fits your needs. Our trained staff will help you choose the right plan, SIM card, or anything else you need.

You will always hear a friendly voice providing excellent customer service and great quality phone service. No Contracts, NO credit checks, and NEVER any hidden fees.

Best Cellular is a BYOD network that allows you to activate your own phone online or in our retail stores nationwide. There are no hidden fees or extra charges when you pay your bill. It doesn’t matter if you pay online, set up auto-pay, call our 24-hour customer service, or visit a local retailer! We are here to help you!

We always recommend keeping business local and supporting your local economy! Visit your local Best Cellular dealer if there’s one in your town! Don’t settle for less! You deserve the Best!

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How To Activate New Phones



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