Best Cellular now includes More Data for FREE!

You Wanted More Data, YOU GOT IT!

This is NOT an April Fools Day Joke, Starting April 1st, 2016 – The biggest Best Cellular plans just got EVEN BIGGER!  Pay exactly what you paid before but get up to 1,000MB More Data for FREE!

Hundreds of loyal customers have referred their friends, family, and neighbors and we have helped them switch from their old 2-year contracts to do business at local Best Cellular stores across the United States.

Because of the tons of referrals from all of our loyal customers, we have already been able to lower our monthly prices twice!  Referrals keep flooding in and this month we are going to add EVEN MORE Mobile Data to our largest plans (at NO EXTRA COST to our customers)!

The more customers we continue to gain, the more buying power we have as a group so the better prices we get from the carriers!

We want to offer a HUGE THANK YOU to you if you’ve been doing business with Best Cellular and especially if you’re telling your friends and family about us!  You are the reason we’re able to keep dropping our prices and adding extra features!  (There is POWER IN NUMBERS)!

Best Cellular – Humble Beginnings

Starting out, we only had a couple of local stores.  It was hard competing with the massive National retailers but even in our first little store, there were hundreds of loyal customers telling friends and family across the USA how happy they were with our service and suggesting that they switch to Best Cellular.

Now as Best Cellular is becoming a household name and more customers continue to flood into local stores, we are gaining the strength to get even better wholesale rates.  As our costs drop, we are able to keep passing the discounts down to our loyal customers!

More Customers = More Buying Power = Lower Wholesale Costs = Lower Retail & Higher Value.

Thanks for all your awesome referrals!  You’ve allowed us to offer Even More Data!  Keep telling your friends and if you haven’t switched to Best Cellular yet, it may be time to take another look!

You don’t have to thank us but be sure to pat yourself on the back and tell your friends, relatives and neighbors, “THANK YOU” for being a part of the EXPLOSION that is allowing Best Cellular to offer more for less!

If you haven’t switched to Best Cellular yet, stop in a local phone store and check us out!  If your favorite phone store hasn’t been approved as a Best Cellular Premium Retailer yet, have them contact us!  Maybe we can help them too!

You guys are amazing and we couldn’t do it without you!

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Best Cellular now includes More Data for FREE!