– “Featured MVNO: Best Cellular”

MyRatePlan.comWe’re excited to announce that chose Best Cellular as a featured MVNO in a recent issue of their publication!

About MyRatePlan launched in October of 1999 to help consumers compare a variety of household services using their proprietary interactive comparison technology. The site strives to produce recurring quality and unbiased content. Accordingly, MyRatePlan has even been recognized as one of the top 100 sites by PC Magazine. That’s an impressive accomplishment for any online publication!
MyRatePlan compares service providers from 9 different categories including wireless, home phone, business phone, satellite TV, credit cards, travel, loans and financial, insurance and internet access. Through dedicated monitoring and updates, the site’s information stays current and relevant. Of course, My Rate Plan is known in the industry for helping consumers find “The Right Service at the Right Price.”


  • Interactive PhoneFinder – This useful tool basically lets users create their own phone by selecting the features, design, and price they want. Use their phone finder tool to select options like music, connectivity, camera and video, memory, hearing aid compatibility or even device type and then compare phones side by side.
  • CellCalc™ – Their trademarked CellCalc™ tool allows users to filter and analyze cellular rate plans that are dynamically updated as features are selected.

Business Phone

In their business phone comparison section, My Rate Plan offers a table that helps users compare business phone service. The table includes monthly rates, long distance rates, set-up costs, customer rating, features and more. Also, users can request a custom quote for business phone service in this section.

Internet Access

Use to compare internet access from broadband, DSL and/or cable modem providers all over the United States. They even offer satellite internet comparisons for those living in more remote areas. Typically, customers not covered by landline broadband internet service providers are out of luck. However, they can now find the best deal on internet service available to them. Additionally, monthly fees and costs are calculated in the result.

Satellite TV

The satellite TV comparison tool matches and contrasts offerings from providers like DIRECTV and DISH Network. Use this tool to estimate your monthly bill and find the programming options you want. In addition, this satellite comparison tool weighs the difference in satellite radio providers such as XM Radio and Sirius Radio.

Credit Cards

Use the credit card comparison tool to check interest rates, rewards programs, cash back and other great perks. This tool includes over 100 of the most popular credit cards available from major issuers. They also offer a Credit Card Education Center that can be useful for those who have questions about credit cards.


The travel section of provides flight booking and discounts for travel and hotel reservations. Alongside a list of the leading comparison engines, My Rate Plan includes a commercial flight tracker. Basically, this gives travelers the organization and peace of mind they need on the go.

Loans & Financial

My Rate Plan offers a ton of great financial calculators as well as places to check your credit report, find a realtor, apply for a mortgage or even refinance an existing mortgage. The comparison tools for bank accounts and mortgage rates offer further information and alternatives.


MyRatePlan offers articles and links to apply for auto insurance, health insurance, life insurance, and more. Fill out a single form on their insurance comparison tool to shop for insurance. This is a great thing to do when you’re shopping for a new policy. Also, customers looking to change providers or simply ensure they’re getting the most coverage for their dollar will find it useful.

Why You Should Visit

Overall, takes a host of different tools and resources and puts them in one place. Savvy shoppers can easily weigh their options and make informed decisions using this site. We’re proud to have been chosen as a Featured MVNO on this powerful publication!