Phone Conditions – What Is The Difference?


“New” phones mean the product is in new condition. These phones have been opened in order for our staff to test every single feature to assure proper functionality. Every device we sell undergoes a 94-point inspection before being sold. New phones will show absolutely NO signs of use.

Open Box

“Open Box” devices come in packaging that has been previously opened. Item packaging may be slightly distressed. The unit powers on and functions as new. Factory settings have been restored and the device includes the original accessories unless otherwise stated.

Certified Refurbished

“Certified Refurbished” phones are devices that have been previously returned to a manufacturer or vendor for various reasons. Certified Refurbished phones are repaired by the device manufacturer and tested for functionality and defects before they are sold. These devices are typically given a 90-day return policy by the phone manufacturer.


“Mint Condition” is an expression used to denote the quality of pre-owned products as displaying virtually no imperfections and being in pristine condition, similar to its original production state.


A “refurbished” cell phone typically refers to a model that has been returned to the manufacturer, tested for problems, and restored to full-functioning, factory-standard condition. Refurbished phones are previously owned phones but they are enhanced, often featuring brand new parts and freshly installed software. A refurbished phone will have the stock firmware restored and not any type of prepaid branding or boot logos.

Certified Pre-Owned

“Certified Pre-Owned” or CPO phones have been thoroughly inspected by the manufacturer’s technicians. Certified Pre-Owned phones are in factory-quality condition.


“Used” phones vary greatly in the amount of wear and signs of use, depending on the previous owner. Used phone conditions typically range from A-Stock to D-Stock with A-Stock being the best quality.


A-Stock or “Grade A” phones are lightly used phones. These devices will have some small nicks or scratches but they are re-packaged & kitted like a refurbished phone.


B-Stock or “Grade B” phones are used phones with medium nicks or scratches. These devices are repackaged & kitted like a refurbished phone.


C-Stock or “Grade C” phones are heavy with significant nicks or scratches. These devices are repackaged & kitted like a refurbished phone.


D-Stock or “Grade D” phones may have worn out or broken parts. The screen is readable but severely scratched.

Parts Only

Phones that are sold as “parts only” would typically include phones with cracked screens, bad ESN numbers other damage that would render the device useless to anyone besides a repair shop looking for scrap parts. We do not sell any devices that are damaged or unusable and we don’t offer “parts only” devices.

Why buy used or refurbished phones?

These phones are greatly discounted because they may show signs of wear from previous use. Many customers prefer used or refurbished phones because they can have the same device specs of a brand new phone at a fraction of the price. If you would rather a new model, feel free to order a new model (at additional cost).

Every phone we sell is in working condition and undergoes a thorough inspection to make sure every feature works before we sell them. Many people prefer the refurbished phones because they can save a lot of money and, let’s face it, most of us need a fully functional device at less than new price.

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Phone Conditions – What Is The Difference?