According to a 2016 article by macrumors.com – Android remains the world’s most widely used smartphone operating system with 80.7% market share, while iOS / iPhone ranked second, capturing 17.7% market share. – They note that Android & Apple combined capture 98.4% of the entire smartphone market.

Worldwide Rank – Android vs. iPhone

Below are the worldwide market share percentages of iPhone Vs. Android (according to mac rumors):

  1. Android80.7% market share
  2. Apple iOS – 17.7% market share
  3. All Others Combined0.6% market share

We ran a little poll of our own on 11/27/2016 and this is what our polls told us in the Android vs. iPhone poll:
*Percentages on the votes are rounded to the nearest % so you may notice that when added together, the results equal 101%

  1. Android had the most satisfied users with a total of 82% of the votes.  This vote may not be all that fair because this category includes every major manufacturer worldwide that uses the Android operating system on their phones.  Samsung, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Kyocera, BLU, Posh Mobile and many others all use Android operating systems.
  2. iPhone/ Apple iOS devices ranked #2 in our poll, receiving a total of 17% of the votes.  Apple is the only company using the iOS operating system in their devices so 17% of the total phone market is still a major achievement.  Keep in mind that Apple is competing with all the rest of the major phone manufacturers!
  3. “Other” received a total of 2% of the votes.  This category would include Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian & proprietary operating systems like the ones found on most flip phones.

Poll Results: Android Vs. iPhone

Which team are you? #TeamAndroid vs. #TeamiPhone

Be sure to comment your team hashtag when you share!  Help us decide who wins in the battle of Android vs. iPhone.

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