Is Apple Finally Ditching the Lightning Port? Is the iPhone 8 Getting USB Type-C?

Our sources say that Apple may finally be getting rid of proprietary charging ports in order to join the 21st century! Every other phone manufacturer is already using USB charging ports on their phones. Many have even incorporated wireless charging while Apple is still proprietary chargers like we’re living in the 1980’s.

Is Apple Finally Getting Rid of the Lightning Port?Buy Cellphone Chargers online

Apple is the last major phone manufacturer to still force customers to buy proprietary chargers if they want to charge their phone or plug it into a computer. Our sources claim that Apple may have finally caught up with the rest of the manufacturers using standard USB charging. If this is true, we’re told phones as early as the iPhone 8 will offer USB Type-C charging!

8 Years after almost every phone manufacturer agreed to use USB charging (back in 2009), Apple may join the rest of the world! This will be amazing for families and businesses who have a mix of Android & iPhone because now everyone can share chargers, USB computer cables, etc. Jump in a friends car and you won’t need to worry about bringing your own car charger! This will be a game changer!

People are typically either Android or iOS fans. There is usually no in-between. We ran a pole a few months back about Android Vs. iOS and the results were astonishing. No matter which you prefer, it will be awesome if you can charge any new device with the same type of USB charger!

When Will Apple Stop Using the Lightning Port?

Sources say that Apple may stop using old, proprietary style chargers by as soon as the release of the iPhone 8. The Wall Street Journal has also mentioned that Apple plans to stop using the Lightning Port and move future devices to the USB Type-C Cable as early as the next iPhone hitting the market! Some sources also say that the iPhone 8 will also receive wireless charging!

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