How to Cut a SIM Card – SIM Card Cutting Template

Micro SIM Card Cutting TemplateCan you cut a SIM Card? The quick answer is yes, but you should follow our steps for the proper steps to Cutting a SIM Card. The best option would be to buy a SIM Card cutting tool. But you can also cut a SIM card using a paper SIM Card cutting template. We will teach you how to cut a SIM Card below. A pair of scissors, a sharp knife, and a nail file will be helpful. You can cut your Standard SIM Card to micro SIM size using a paper template, but, be careful. If you make the wrong cut, it can ruin your SIM Card.

(Note: If you plan to cut SIM Cards regularly, it would be better to buy a SIM Card cutter).

Warning – Cutting a SIM Card with scissors can damage your SIM Card. We recommend using a SIM Card cutting template like the one shown here. Better yet, use a real SIM Card Cutting tool. We do not accept responsibility if you decide to cut your SIM Card without using a SIM Card cutting tool, but it can be done.

Cutting a SIM Card

Cut along the lines to remove excess plastic from the SIM Card until you are left with a smaller micro SIM size SIM Card. It will be helpful to have a nail file or piece of fine sandpaper to sand the edges of the freshly cut SIM card on. This helps avoid nasty plastic pieces getting inside your phone.

  1. Buy a SIM Card online or from a local Best Cellular store.
  2. Before cutting sim card, print a copy of the SIM Card Cutting Template. We recommend printing the image on A4 size paper and printing 1:1 scale.
  3. Place full-size SIM Card on the SIM Card cutting template and adhere temporarily with scotch tape.
  4. Cut SIM card with sharp scissors or a heavy knife. (Don’t cut too much).
  5. File off excess plastic (using sandpaper or a nail file) a little at a time until your SIM Card fits into a micro SIM Card tray.
  6. Be careful when you cut a sim card into a micro sim size because if you cut too much it will ruin your SIM Card.

How to Cut a SIM Card with a SIM Card Cutter Tool

Learning how to cut a sim card isn’t extremely difficult but it does take a steady hand if you’re not using the proper equipment. If you have a SIM Card Cutter, this is literally as easy to figure out how to cut sim cards as is is to staple two pieces of paper together! Cutting a SIM Card has been been easier!

Simply place your SIM Card into the correct slot on your SIM Card Cutter tool and press the handle down. A perfectly sized SIM Card will pop out. Now, just insert the properly cut SIM Card into the SIM Card tray of your phone!

How to make a small SIM Cards fit into a larger SIM Tray

If you accidentally cut your SIM card to the wrong size, you can use a SIM Card adapter tray to change it back to the right size! The SIM Card Adapter kit includes all sizes of SIM Card adapters to make your SIM Card fit the correct slot size.

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How to Cut a SIM Card – SIM Card Cutting Template



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