Port from enVie Mobile – Get 1 month at Best Cellular FREE!

Many enVie Mobile customers received word on March 10th about their service being cut off without notice. Best Cellular is offering to help port these customers into Best Cellular (CDMA) using their same Verizon phones that were active with enVie Wireless, plus we will pay for a free month of service and even a new SIM card if needed. Port in with the same phone and keep your number!

Read more about enVie Mobile Shutting Down here.

enVie Mobile Shutting Down - Verizon MVNO by H2O Wireless

Free Month of Service for enVie Mobile Customers

Best Cellular will be porting enVie Wireless customers and offering their 3rd month of service free! This is basically a buy 2, get one free deal for the first 3 months. See details below.

enVie Wireless customers who are using 4G LTE phones may need a new SIM Card to connect to the network but Best Cellular will be mailing these SIM Cards for free and also paying the shipping to help customers switch.

Free Month of Service Details

Customers who port their number into Best Cellular (CDMA) from enVie Mobile will be able to select a monthly plan and make their first (2) monthly payments then we will pay their third month of service! Our No-Contract, monthly plans start at $15/ month. The 3rd free month will be of equal or lesser value to the first (2) monthly payments.

Example: If a customer ports in on a $19 plan then goes down to the $15 plan for their second month, we will pay for a $15 plan on their third month of service.

If a customer starts on a $40 plan and their second month, pays a $40 plan again, we will pay for the $40 plan on their 3rd month as well!

enVie Mobile Shutting Down – Keep Your Number!

Many customers worry about not being able to keep their number when hearing about enVie Mobile Shutting Down. Best Cellular is allowing enVie Mobile customers to keep the same phone, same phone number and select their own plan when porting in!

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Port from enVie Mobile – Get 1 month at Best Cellular FREE!



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