13 Apps That Track Your Diet or Get You Moving

Best Cellular smartphone fitness appsSmartphones provide many uses besides calling and texting. In fact, there are a lot of ways to use your phone you may never have known about! For a lot of people, a smartphone is a perfect assistant for health and fitness. Through all of the sensors and apps available, you can easily amplify your workout or diet routine. These are a few apps and services that Best Cellular found for helping you get fit and healthy.

Food Apps

  • Calorie Counter MyFitnessPal by MyFitnessPal, Inc. (Android/iOS) – With millions of active users, this calorie tracker is one of the most popular apps on the market. You can add in your daily calorie goals, track fitness activity, and interact with others in the MyFitnessPal community. Even though Under Armour bought the app back in 2015, they avoided any major changes. Today the app is a faster, more updated version of the original.
  • Lifesum Diet Plan, Calorie Counter & Food Diary by Lifesum (Android/iOS) – Similar to MyFitnessPal, the Lifesum app helps you track food and nutrition in order to lose weight. However, with Lifesum the focus is more on a healthy lifestyle versus just food and fitness. The app also syncs with multiple other apps and services.
  • Vora Fasting Tracker by Mark Halonen (Android/iOS) – Since lots of research supports fasts as a way to center yourself and lose weight, this app could really come in handy. Track any length of fast easily with this app.
  • Eat This Much Meal Planner by Eat This Much, Inc. (Android/iOS) – Ever have a hard time planning your meals? Whether you’re on a diet or on a budget, the Eat This Much app helps you set up customized meal plans to meet your needs. You can enter in your food preferences, diet goals, and how much you’ve budgeted and it will generate a meal plan for you.

Health Apps

  • Pill Reminder and Medication Tracker by Medisafe (Android/iOS) – This app helps you keep track of your medication and reminds you when it’s time to take it. You can also add details such as whether you should take pills with food and monitor complex dosing schedules. The app tracks other body metrics as well.
  • What’s Up? – Mental Health App by Jackson Tempra (Android/iOS) – Through a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance Commitment therapy, this app helps people manage mental health. The app also has a password lock option for privacy protection.
  • Medical ID (Free): In Case of Emergency by Laurent Pellegrino (Android) – Put ICE contact access directly on the lock-screen of your phone through this app. Emergency workers can easily see important medical data such as blood type, allergies, and more in order to properly assist you.
  • Water Drink Reminder by Leap Fitness Group (Android) – Use your Android device to stay hydrated! The Water Drink Reminder app tracks your daily water intake and helps you stay on top of your water consumption. The app also tracks and charts your weight and syncs with Android wearable devices.
  • Heart Rate Monitor by REPS (Android) – Use this accurate Heart Rate Monitor app to measure and track your heart rate. This easy-to-use app takes advantage of your device’s camera light sensor. Simply set your finger on the lens and get a reading within seconds. It also syncs with Google Fit or exports your data as a .CSV file for analysis.

Fitness Apps

  • Google Fit Fitness Tracking by Google LLC (Android) – Google’s fitness tracking app keeps your fitness data all under one roof. Many other apps also use your Google Fit account to synchronize your activity. Set up goals and receive custom recommendations from Google. Includes a pedometer and other activity trackers.
  • Strava Training: Track Running, Cycling & Swimming by Strava, Inc. (Android/iOS) – Designed by athletes for athletes, this activity tracker also connects you to a large community of others looking to improve themselves. Mostly used by runners and cyclists, this app and the Strava service include tons of options for personal challenge and quantified self tracking.
  • StrongLifts 5×5 Workout Gym Log & Personal Trainer by StrongLifts (Android/iOS) – This simple app helps you track progress on one of the simplest and most effective workout programs for strength training. You can easily record your workouts and see recommended weight amounts for the next session.
  • C25K® 5K Running Trainer by Zen Labs Fitness (Android/iOS) – Based on the popular Couch to 5K program, this official app trains you to prepare for a 5-kilometer run. The plan is based around building strength and stamina at a reasonable pace so no one is left behind throughout the progression levels.

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13 Apps That Track Your Diet or Get You Moving