The best coverage for Grayslake, IL (60030)

Best Cellular service in Grayslake, IL 60030Resting about forty miles north of downtown Chicago is a village with a population of around 20,957 residents called Grayslake, Illinois. The town is a metropolitan area that is about fourteen miles just west of Lake Michigan and around fifteen miles south of the border of Wisconsin.

One of Grayslake’s most prominent highlights are the education options available such as Grayslake Central High, University Center of Lake County, and the Grayslake North High School. Other business’ include a Fairground, light industry, office space, and residential area spanning 640 acres in the south end. While researching to determine the Best Cellular Service in Grayslake, IL 60030 we found such events as the Taste of Grayslake, Grayslake Day, and the Grayslake Arts Festival are three fun-filled family activities held each summer.

The early history of the village is that Mr. William Gray settled in the area around Grays Lake (hence the name) in 1840. Soon, other farmers made their way to the area. The Wisconsin railroad established a line that ran to Chicago, passing one side of Gray’s Lake. Once establishing a station in the area in 1886, the village received its name then incorporated in 1895.

The largest lake, Grays Lake, located in the center of the town is the namesake and main attraction to the area. Grayslake provides swimming, fishing, and boating in the summer and skating, ice fishing, and hockey in the winter months. Rollins Savannah is a 1,200-acre forest preserve with a bird observation deck, walkways, and trails through the wetlands.

What is the Best Cellular Service in Grayslake, IL 60030

Before we reveal our findings for the Best Cellular Service in Grayslake, IL 60030, we want you to know that Best Cellular is a Quad-carrier, meaning, we use all four major carriers across the U.S. We don’t have a need to show partiality to one carrier. We are proud to say in Grayslake, IL 60030, the “Big Red” and the “Yellow Network” both serve equally. With Best Cellular, if you already have a phone you prefer to keep, no problem. We prefer you to keep your phone unless you need to update or replace your existing device. If you have a phone number you want to keep, that is fine with us as well.

We make Switching to Best Cellular as easy as 1,2, 3, with our online sales department and activation. Simply buy the right SIM card for your device, place your order, then do your activation as well as porting your existing number over to Best Cellular all online! Activate your phone online or at our local retail stores!

With Best Cellular, you never have to worry about a contract, credit check, or any hidden fees. It’s our promise to you that no matter where you go on Grays Lake, you always have cell reception. No more missed or dropped calls, just reliable service anywhere, night or day. Make the simple switch today to Best Cellular to find out why we are fast becoming the most talked about cellular service available. We take pride in our service, our staff, and our determination to make our customers satisfaction our top priority.

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The best coverage for Grayslake, IL (60030)



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