HORTONWORKS® HDP – Big Data Development on Hadoop

HORTONWORKS Data PlatformHortonworks Data Platform – Hortonworks HDP, open-source Big Data processing and management built on the Apache Hadoop platform.

Who is Hortonworks?

Hortonworks began in 2011 as an independent company funded through venture capital led by Yahoo! and Benchmark Capital, with many other investors since. The original team of 24 engineers spun off from the Apache Hadoop development project. Their drive is to help customers manage Big Data effectively. Hortonworks develops software under the Hadoop platform. Their solutions cover a host of industries, including everything from Big Data analytics for pharmaceutical companies to real-time machine learning applications for advertisers.

Hortonworks HDP – Managing Big Data through Apache Hadoop

Hortonworks created HDP as an industry first: the only open source Apache Hadoop distribution that is enterprise-ready, truly secure, and uses a centralized architecture. By addressing the unique needs of data-at-rest, HDP powers applications in real-time and provides Big Data analytics so that customers can decide how to utilize their information quickly and effectively. “Powering the Future of Data” includes several facets:

  • Firstly, Hortonworks approaches software development with an open-source mindset. This gives enterprises the ability to store and manage Big Data without worry of vendor-specific provisioning.
  • The centralized architecture (supplied by Apache Hadoop YARN) distributes resources throughout multiple applications. Besides this, YARN increases Big Data flow by diversifying the specific use-cases within enterprise applications.
  • HDP interfaces with a myriad of data center and cloud storage ecosystems, increasing compatibility. In addition, currently active architecture evolves easily to adopt HDP. This preserves initial computing investments.
  • Centralized administration of data clusters through HDP ensures consistent data security and management.

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HORTONWORKS® HDP – Big Data Development on Hadoop