What is the Internet of Things (IoT)? Machine Learning, Big Data, Internet of Things companies to watch, and IoT Networking with Best Cellular.

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)? IoT simply refers to objects that have a network connection. IoT devices work because of their connection to a central network and/or each other. By giving an inanimate object the ability to communicate remotely, businesses and individuals alike are able to take advantage of “Big Data” as well as direct control. Examples range from remote-starting your A/C and cooling your house before you get home, to managing data points within a hospital’s patient monitoring system. As the Internet of Things has evolved, so have the ways that individual Things can stay connected. Because of our commitment to advancing lives through technology, Best Cellular is just one of the Internet of Things companies furthering IoT networks.

Machine Learning and Big Data

IoT has been a huge part of enabling and enhancing machine learning.  The IoT devices can serve as key data points within a system of data analytics. The transfer of relevant data and the ability for real-time monitoring gives server-based systems the power they need to learn and adapt. “Big Data” harvested by a large group of points within a controlled IoT network is an invaluable asset. As a result of the constant evolution in IoT networking, Internet of Things companies are finding new ways to implement and optimize the data collected.

Internet of Things Companies To Watch

  • LoRa – LoRa uses long-range and low-power RF in order to facilitate IoT solutions. The LoRa Alliance is a non-profit committed to furthering this technology.
  • Cloudera – Empowers machine learning and advanced analytics through Hybrid Open Source Software.
  • Greenwave Systems – Creators of the AXON platform, an IoT solution for launching new services.
  • Wonderware – Another IoT software developer that creates solutions for a variety of industries.
  • Hadoop – An open-source software library designed for distributed data processing and focused on scalability. A dedicated group of volunteers created and currently maintains The Apache Hadoop Project.
  • HortonWorks HDP – A Big Data software company based out of California. Based on Apache Hadoop, HortonWorks Data Platform (HDP) provides real-time analytics.

IoT Networking with Best Cellular

Best Cellular is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) that has branched into the IoT market in order to provide additional connectivity to IoT manufacturers and developers. Since we provide access to our quad-carrier wireless networks, your IoT devices can interact at high speeds and over long distances. Anywhere that you can find cellular data coverage Best Cellular gives you an IoT mobile data solution. With competitively priced IoT Data Plans or a custom-built solution, Best Cellular addresses your IoT networking needs.

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