– “Best Cellular Increases Data, Decreases Prices”

Prepaid recently highlighted Best Cellular in an article titled – “Best Cellular Increases Data, Decreases Prices” by writer Liz E. We’re honored to be featured on their site! This article relates to the recent changes we made to our plans. These included additional mobile data as well as monthly rate improvements across the board.


This site is easy to navigate and provides an excellent choice for those in search of prepaid cell phone reviews. MFE Interactive, Inc. owns and operates the site, alongside other sites covering multiple categories. Matt Cook originally registered in 2005. The site focuses on providing data about companies, phones and available plans and rates them accordingly. Users can make sense of prepaid plans and cell phone service by browsing the Editor Ratings, which cover everything from pricing to coverage and user feedback. Also included are user ratings based on visitor comments. The “Best Rated Prepaid Carriers” page shows a comprehensive list of the carrier reviews. Users can easily find individual listings which include direct links to a given company’s website. This way it is easy to find carrier contact information as well as billing and customer support departments.

Not only does the site contain information about the top mobile service carriers, the Prepaid Reviews Blog keeps customers informed of the latest industry news. The blog initially launched in 2007 and has grown ever since. According to Rae Hoffman, VP of Marketing at the time, the focus of the main site would remain on the user and editorial reviews. However, they felt a lot more could be said concerning the prepaid wireless industry. The site blog delivers a perfect platform for tech tips, humor, updates, and information. In addition to the prepaid reviews and blog, the site includes offers for advertising opportunities and affiliate partnerships.

About Liz E.

Liz has been writing about cell phones and plans for since 2014. She publishes multiple articles for Prepaid Reviews every week, covering everything from app reviews to prepaid industry news.