TeleGeography – “MVNO Monday”

TeleGeography is a telecommunications market research and consulting firm.Best Cellular recently appeared on TeleGeography in their article “MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments“, quoting an article by Fierce Wireless that we were recently featured in.

About TeleGeography

TeleGeography started in 1989 as a telecommunications research and consulting firm. In 1996, Dave Bellon registered The company researches and compiles data and publishes informational reports online. The company’s research focuses on international telephone networks and infrastructure. The analysis they conduct also includes global internet networking systems. Manufacturers, service providers, governments, and investors use the site daily along with direct clients. The company does not focus on covering every part of the telecom industry. Instead, produces detailed analysis on a limited amount of vital topics. The unique and specific reports they create are only available at TeleGeography, which is a key resource for many researchers. Users can access the complete data-sets online, which include sound analysis as well as clear graphics.

TeleGeography also founded the WAN (Wide Area Network) Summit, a triennial conference held in London, Singapore, and New York. The conference brings both vendors and consumers together. Discussions include topics such as international network configuration, planning, and execution. Corporate WAN administrators and service carrier executives meet and share common challenges, gain new perspectives, and build business relationships. With many other conferences and enterprise events created for wholesale telecom, the WAN Summit is unique. It serves corporate network service clients and providers alike.

TeleGeography is a division of PriMetrica. PriMetrica, Inc. is based in Carlsbad, CA and concentrates on delivering market knowledge about the telecom and IT industries.

TeleGeography Research Services offers many different research services including a Bandwidth Pricing Database, services offered for business broadband research, Cloud and WAN Infrastructure research etc. They also offer global bandwidth research and forecasting services. They known for their GlobalComms forecasting services and a GlobalComms database and other services for researching and forecasting topics such as global internet geography and even IP Transit forecasting and pricing services.

If you haven’t done so yet, be sure to check out the TeleGeography Report and Traffic Database. Their telecommunications research and consulting firm has many years of quality research and industry contributions. We are proud to have been featured in their “MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments”.