Best MVNO for Wireless Retailers

Why is Boss Cellular already being called the “Best MVNO” by wireless retailers?

Boss Cellular is scheduled to open to wireless retailers Nationwide for beta-testing starting December 15th, 2014, but the new MVNO is already being called the “Best MVNO Opportunity” by many wireless retailers.

Boss Cellular is a multi-carrier MVNO that allows wireless dealers to activate and manage all kinds of phones under one web portal. Dealers love this, because they don’t have to train new employees how to use a dozen or more dealer portals in order to activate, port, configure or change ESN numbers for a customer.

Wireless retailers can train the new employee how to use a single Boss Cellular dealer portal, and they’re immediately able to handle almost any issue that a potential customer could encounter!

Another huge benefit to wireless retailers selling Boss Cellular service, is the fact that Boss Cellular pays 15% instant commission to the wireless retailer, as soon as a payment is processed.  If a customer pays their bill at your store, you instantly make 15% commission for the total bill payment.  If the dealer sets the customer up on auto-pay, they still make 15% of the customer’s bill each month (even if they never deal with that customer again).


Many CDMA MVNOs offer very competitive rate plans and CDMA MVNOs are typically the highest paying for retailers.  Boss Cellular also offers some very competitive rate plans as a CDMA MVNO, but wireless retailers love the fact that they make an instant 15% profit (not counting margin on phones, accessories, etc.) when they activate customers on what they’re calling the Best CDMA MVNO.


With so many PCS MVNOs available for wireless retailers to sell, Boss Cellular offers a cool edge, when cellular stores are looking for the best PCS MVNO to sell.

Many PCS MVNOs such as Boost Mobile or Virgin Mobile offer cool phones, but after buying a new device, the customer has typically been stuck on that MVNO, unable to convert to another later, without purchasing a new device.

Boss Cellular is letting customers activate phones from any PCS MVNO on their network (without flashing the phone)!  Customers love this, because if they just bought a new Virgin Mobile phone for example, they can bring it to a Boss Cellular retailer and activate their existing device on Boss Cellular with simple OTA configuration!

Dealers will still make the extremely competitive 15% commission on every payment!


There are a lot of GSM MVNOs and a lot of competition for MVNOs looking to be called the Best GSM MVNO.  GSM-A is a tougher market because the network doesn’t allow limited minute plans, etc..  There is typically a little less variation in pricing between ATT MVNOs. For dealers, however, Boss Cellular pays the highest commissions of any GSM-A MVNO marketed.

Boss Cellular still offers wireless retailers 15% instant commission on every GSM bill payed and again, no waiting for a check in the mail.

Have a customer who wants to use auto-pay?  You make 15% every time their monthly bill is paid!

If you’re not yet approved as a wireless retailer for Boss Cellular, contact us to get started!

I think you’ll also call Boss Cellular the best MVNO for your store!

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