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About Computer Hope

ComputerHope.com has been providing free online computer help since 1998. With detailed articles on almost everything computer-related, they offer some of the most useful computer repair information on the internet. In addition, they provide an extensive directory of computer terms. This can be very helpful if you are not familiar with computer lingo. For those needing computer repair instructions, we recommend checking out their site. If you have any questions they haven’t answered yet, you can also contact them directly.

Nathan Emberton founded Computer Hope in 1998 while he was still working as a computer technician. Since then, the site has grown exponentially and has become an invaluable resource for computer tips, tricks, and how-to articles. Nathan is a computer industry veteran. He worked as a senior technician for both Packard Bell NEC and ZDS (Zenith Data Systems) from 1996 to 2001. His goal for ComputerHope.com was to re-invent technical support by providing a place DIYers could go to find information to fix their own computers. Nathan strives to make Computer Hope, “The best support site on the Internet.”

Featured on ComputerHope.com

Best Cellular was featured on Computer Hope’s list of MVNOs Operating In The United States. Best Cellular is thrilled to be featured by a company with such a history in the computer repair scene. Their MVNO listing included over 70 separate MVNOs with links to each cellular company’s website. The listing also explained the meaning of the term MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator), which was a nice addition.

About The Author

Although Computer Hope does not publicly post the names of their authors, we greatly appreciate that they added us to their list of MVNOs. They mentioned on their site that if someone needs to reference a particular author, simply refer to the company name (as we did here).

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