Wireless Services US (WSUS) Going out of Business (update)

In response to Wireless Services US (WSUS) Going out of Business, Darrell Vogler said today, “All port requests currently received have been confirmed. To be clear, the system is automated. It will release them automatically with no resolution requirements based on the time submitted. The FCC states that an MVNO has a full day to respond. The system is set to release 3 business hours after received… in order.
Each line submitted to port out still has to follow a line by line release. However, if you were to wait for me to do the thousands of port out requests manually, you would wait much longer. Darien, so you are aware…I have done nothing but whole heatedly support the dealers.
Ever since my beginning back at Page Plus and creating the dealer relations department BECAUSE of my care for these guys and gals who bust their butt to help their customers. Believe me… I care! And as far as closing down goes… I chose the high road to inform the dealers that I had to close and not just disappear on them like so many MVNOs in the past. To give them opportunity and time it takes to port their customers to other services so their customers will remain loyal to them. And you are absolutely correct, Randall. I have already said my peace in the WSUS group, so I won’t rehash here, but the decision was not made lightly nor easily. We will see if there will be a future for me in this industry or not. Have a wonderful evening, all.”