Charge Customers: $0 Line Access Fee! – Welcome to Best Cellular!

Charge Sprint MVNO Will End Operations on June 30thCharge is Going Out Of Business – The Sprint powered, data only MVNO called, “Charge” announced today that they will cease operations on June 30th. Charge launched as a new Sprint MVNO in March 2016. Shortly after launch, they started to offer talk and text to their customers as well. On January 17th, 2017 Charge decided it was necessary to stop offering talk and text and go back to being a data only Sprint MVNO again. 5 months and 13 days after revoking their talk and text offering, Today, it was announced that Charge will end operations at the end of this month.

How Much is the Line Access Fee with Best Cellular?

Best Cellular never charges any hidden or unnecessary fees, including line access charges or line access fees. We also offer free activation, free port and free configuration! Switch to Best Cellular today and see how easy it will be! $0.00 Line Access Fee for Life!

Sprint Data Only MVNO, Charge is Going Out Of Business on June 30th

We never like to see an American business fail but the prepaid wireless market is extremely competitive. Charge is Going Out Of Business but it isn’t for a lack of trying. They had a very inexpensive plan that only cost customers a $3 monthly service charge or, “line access fee” as many phone companies call it. Their data cost only $13/ GB. This isn’t confirmed but we’re guessing they hoped to gain enough customers at this lost leader type of pricing that they could eventually turn a profit if the carrier gave them a volume based price break?

Companies Offering Data Only Plans

Best Cellular has offered to port phone numbers of current Charge customers into our Best Cellular (PCS) service. Customers who port in will be able to keep their same phone, SIM card and current phone number. Best Cellular offers many different plans from all (4) major US carriers. IoT developers who used the MVNO as a way to supply mobile data to their IoT or M2M devices should look at our IoT / M2M Mobile Data Plans on all 4 Nationwide networks.

Developers who used Charge for their inexpensive data plans have the option to integrate our custom dealer API into their website which will allow their customers to sign up for service, pay their phone bill, add or remove features and manage their account through their own site! Dealers using our API can sell Data Only Plans or talk and text plans as well.

API for IoT Developers / API for Prepaid Wireless Dealers