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There is only one place that can say it holds the title of the Brick Capital of the Southwest and the Sausage Capital of Texas, but, this is exactly the two-titles held in Elgin, Texas. With a population of just over 8,100 residents, Elgin is a suburb of the always busy Austin, Texas.

Anyone that knows anything about Austin knows there is never a boring time in the city. So, one can only imagine the overflow of fun that Elgin, Texas 78621 experiences. Elgin is in Travis and Bastrop County and still in operation are two of the three brickyards which helped the city gain one of its titles.

While researching for the Best Cellular Service in Elgin, TX 78621, our team found some fascinating historical facts about this little piece of Texas. Such as, the only reason Elgin exist is due to a massive flood in 1869 of the Colorado River.

Elgin had an original name of Glasscock, after a fellow named George W. Glasscock. In 1871, the railroad system went through a few changes and was then renamed Elgin after the land commissioner, Robert M. Elgin once railroad towns received the names of officers from the railway. The original speck of land spanned one-square-mile.

In 1872 Elgin incorporated and was a post office opened along with Baptist Sunday school classes met in a private home.  The town has had three various names which parts of the town are named after. Such as the churches and the Masonic Lodge carried the Perryville name. Hogeye and Youngs settlement were two others distributed about the city.

Like most Texas towns, Elgin’s climate is typically sweltering hot summers with little relief other than winters, and even those can be quiet mild. There are movies and famous people associated with the city of Elgin, TX. Ray Culp, Mean Joe Greene, and Chester Snowden are just a few.

What is the Best Cellular service in Elgin, Texas 78621

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Best Cellular service in Elgin, Texas 78621